ICAST…Yo-Zuri® Mag Series

Yo-Zuri® Mag Series Family Updated for 2015!!!


Yo-Zuri’s  Magnetic Series has been totally redesigned and updated for 2015!!! The Mag Series of lures feature our Patented Magnet Weight Transfer System.  The Magnetic Weight Transfer System allows anglers to cast further and more accurately than ever before.  During a cast, the weight balls shift to the back of the lure,  As the anglers casts the lure forward, the weights shift forward producing a loud “Click”, thus ensuring the  cast has been performed properly.  This “shift & click” controls the lures flying position and stabilizes the air-flow around the lure thereby delivering the angler an exceptionally balanced and smooth cast, while providing maximum distance!!  Additionally, Yo-Zuri has developed some of  the hottest and newest color schemes and state of the art scaled holographic finishes found on the market today!!!

All Mag Series lures have durable polycarbonate bodies.   The distinctive round shape and high-arched back cause all of the baits in this series to dart and swim erratically. The Mag Series perfectly mimic’s frightened baitfish that prized game fish seek out and hunt. The natural patterns and colors, combined with the lifelike body shapes and attention to detail on the gill plates, create a strikingly realistic looking injured baitfish!!


All Mag Series lures have premium components: Stainless Steel Split Rings, Round Bend Super Extra Strong Round Bend Treble Hooks and realistic oversized holographic 3D eyes.  The Mag Series also includes  highly detailed etched scales with superior holographic finishes and ultra-realistic gill plates. Yo-Zuri’s lasting commitment to innovation, diversity and quality has enabled us to continually develop and market the most advanced fish-catching products available around the globe!!!  Available at National and Local retailers in the Fall of 2014.


4 comments on “ICAST…Yo-Zuri® Mag Series

  1. Ed Cardoza

    Looks like Yo-Zuri is reacting to the success of the Daiwa SP minnows…let’s hope they are as good a product on the water!

  2. Steve S.

    I bought some of these 12 years ago and they are definately are fish catchers. It would be great if they made larger sizes that 1 oz.


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