Two custom metal lip swimmers giveaway from the Surfcaster’s Journal

Continuing in our tradition of weakly giveaways, today we have another one for our readers but first the two winners of those Big Fish Bait Co Prey metal lip swimmers. The winners are Ronsimmons69 and Mike


You have 5 days to contact us at with your shipping address. Consequently, we know that Larry’s Big Fish Bait Co website is not really operational and that he makes small batches and makes them available thought Face book. You can contact Larry trough his FB page at  or via email at with any questions.


Ok, Tommy and I are at Babylon Flea Market this morning at American Legion Hall 22 Grove Place in Babylon from 9 AM to 2 P. Stop by if you are in the area, we got some show specials for you as usual. Some new hi performance shirts, new SJ hats, and more goodies.


As for today’s giveaway, it is a courtesy of one of our readers who wanted to share some of his stash but wanted to remain anonymous. You know who you are.


We’ll draw two winner and each one will receive one lure. Today’s giveaway is for one


BLACK LABEL PLUGS 2 ounce Jointed Danny


and one BLACK LABEL PLUGS 2 ounce Surfster


I don’t need to tell you just how good these plugs look, you can see it yourself


327 comments on “Two custom metal lip swimmers giveaway from the Surfcaster’s Journal

  1. BigJim

    ‘I’m in” those are wicked pissa looking plugs great colors and I’m a big fan of jointed plugs Thanks again SJ.

  2. Rob brandstadter

    I’m in please !!! Thanks. Was looking forward to the flea market unfortunately couldn’t get out of work, thinking about going to jersey

  3. Greg H.

    I’m in! I’m pretty sure the person that makes black label plugs lives in my neighbor hood, as I drive past his truck every morning. Always wanted to catch him while he is out and see his plugs. I heard there sweet and gone ones in these pics look awesome. Good luck to the winners!

  4. michael

    I AM IN ! love everything about SJ , a bud told me to join while
    we were at the RI show last year. I am pretty sure it was the MOST ACCURATE intell he has ever let me hear.

  5. Moises Medina

    First off Congrats to the winners! I’m in guys! Thanks for the chance guys! Thanks to the anonymous person who made this giveaway possible.


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