How to put together two piece surf rod with Surfcaster’s Journal Lou Caruso

Something is on my mind today that we never talked about years ago. Even few years ago, most surfcasters fished with a one piece custom rods, mainly Lamiglas. At one point I had I think five Lami GSB 1321M custom rods hanging in my garage. How many one piece rods do I own today?…Not a single one. But I never, ever broke a rod in twenty years of fishing while using Lami. I snapped two in last year alone. You win some, you lose some, I guess.

Having said that I still think GSB 1321M and its shorter cousin 1201M are the best all around rods ever made. Before you jump all over me for that statement let me explain. If someone asks me for opinion on buying one single rod to use it under all conditions, plugs on south shore, Montauk, rigged and live eels, bucktailing the inlet, even tossing light bait I would tell them to get a GSB and call it a day. I really think its a rod that does everything well, and nothing great. If you know what I mean.

Unfortunately, it seems to me that Lami as a brand people “desire” to own and fish with has lost most if not all of its luster. I don’t remember last time someone asked me for an opinion on Lami rods. Its Century, CTS, Tsunami and Fiber Star ninety nine out of hundred times. Which is strange considering Lamiglas makes some quality rods. I liked the new Super Surf G2 quite a bit when I tested it but for some reason it does not seem to resonate with surfcasters like it did in the past.

But this blog post is not meant to be about brands but instead about two piece versus one piece rods. And not which one is better and which one you should get. Instead its about the little things that make the rods you already own perform at its best.

written every day about rod twisting during casting, during fighting a fish, inability to separate ferules…

In the current issue of SJ,  our Rod Guru Lou Caruso has video on how to separate the rod ferules that are stuck together by using nothing but a bag of ice. If you skipped over it while reading the current issue log on and check it out. Here is a follow up with a simple and practical information on how to put together your two piece rod properly.

And when you want an opinion on what rod to have made, you can contact Lou at for an honest opinion.


8 comments on “How to put together two piece surf rod with Surfcaster’s Journal Lou Caruso

  1. Hue

    GSB > CTS, Century, fiber star. Hands down! I’ve seen CTS and Century snap into pieces on a cast below the butt and slightly above it, have yet to see a Fiber Star snap but pretty sure it will be seen on the beach just like the two mention above.

    “Fish with Confidence”

  2. zhromin Post author

    its the most honest statement I can give you…meaning there is NOTHING you cant do with GSB well. It can cast a1 ounce bucktail and it can cast 6 inch shad with no issues. It does neither GREAT…there are better rods for most application but there is no rod that i ever used that had a range of GSB and still do it fairly well


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