Tuning a plug

To what extent do you modify your lures?

Even the lure like  a darter,  which mostly people find to be too temperamental to be tinkered with benefits from few modifications. Adding a single hook with a bucktail or a feather improves a profile and makes it appear the lure has a “tail”.

Adding a 4/0 or even 5/0 hooks makes a darter run deeper and dig better in the waves. And that only on the darter…all lures can be modified in some ways, regardless if you are trying to slow down its action with bigger hook, cast it better by adding a slip ring to back hook or add a split ring to a nose of a pencil popper to make it dance better…then of course there are modification that lets you add a fast clip easier to your lure..and on and on

One of the lures that I get asked about  most when doing seminars is a metal lip swimmer. We all know that you can make your lure swim “down” by bending a nose wire up and consequently the opposite will happen when you bend the wire down. But sometimes I think the words just ring hallow and some of you need a better “visual” of what I am talking about.

So here is a short “in water” demonstration.

I will apologize for a lousy edit in advance..unfortunately Mac  does not want to play nice with my avchd files that come out of my hd camcorder so still have to make everything on Corel garbage. I am not sure what I was thinking there, I didn’t have a time to buy a single permit this year, never mind leaning final cut. I do  have to admit that I am intrigued with the idea of fishing a whole year without a permit. that would obviously limit my mobility but on the other hand it would make me learn few spots that I fish better. It would make for an interesting year now that Lou is building me not one but two, two piece St Croix Legend rods.



8 comments on “Tuning a plug

  1. Zeno Post author

    i wish that was made on a Mac…I assume it would have not took more then 6 hours to make 2 minute video (this of course includes putting up green screen and lighning and taking it down, editing and running down to beach to take a shot of plug with Lou?)
    i know Apple people are cool cats but I am not a fan

  2. John Martines

    great little video! I wonder why some builders tell you to bend the lip to adjust and others say not to? I have always do it the way described here.

  3. Zeno Post author

    Lou..thank you so much for helping with video yesterday…much appreciate you swimming those plugs while I taped


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