So you think you know them all ?

You figure with internet and print, by now you’d know every lure maker from Delaware to Maine, right?

Or at least those who are in the shops and whose plugs are highly regarded.

I have one lure maker in mind that I would bet good money flies under the radar.

Few years ago at Asbury show, Ryan Smith of the RM Smith fame, good friend and a very popular lure builder brought over the lure in a package and put it my hand. “Try this” he said” it’s my secret weapon when I fish the Cape Cod Canal”

it was a canal style pencil popper that was made by Hess family. On the package it said Guppy Lure Company. As usual , being that Asbury is in winter I didn’t even think about the plug till one June morning when I cast it into the Jones Beach surf. I knew immediately why Ryan had such a hard-on for this plug as plug sailed and sailed. Slanted pencil poppers or “canal style” are best suited for areas with current or moving water and that one was no exception.

Being that I fished close to the JI inlet I had plenty if current to work with and plug preformed beautifully. Over the last few years I fished a bit at the Canal and talked to many who swear by Guppy’s pencils. In fact, you can see the picture of Ryan Smith dragging the big fish out of the water at  Guppy Lure website.

So today , in honor of undiscovered gems, we will give you a chance to win this yellow scaled 3 oz Guppy Lures  JoBo Jr. Pencil Popper

220 comments on “So you think you know them all ?

  1. Toby Lapinski

    I’m in! Guppys are definately an under rated lure. Tough to get your hands on outside the canal area, but well worth the effort!

  2. Aram

    I’m in. Thanks again, for the opportunity. I heard I missed 2 good talks when you were in CT last week. I am bummed.

  3. Sudsy

    Undiscovered ??
    Who doesn’t know Guppy’s ?? One of the best pencils out there.

    I love em, and of course……….
    I’m in.

  4. Eastendlu

    I am not in this one. Just would like to say that i love Guppy lures as they have done very well for me and my friends.


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