Tsunami Salt X Reel

Not sure how many of you have seen this (i just returned from Croatia last night) but this is very, very interesting

3 comments on “Tsunami Salt X Reel

  1. Chris C

    Welcome home Zeno, Hopefully Tsunami will be kind enough to send you a model for testing. I always look forward to S.J.’s product reviews. You always give honest review no matter who the manufacturer is.

    1. frank g.

      very interesting. wow. wonder what they weigh. see fishermans headquarters already got a price up on the 4000 for 379.00

  2. Shawn Lynch

    Hey Zeno hope you had a good trip. Have you heard anything from Craig at Van Staal?
    Was also wondering if there is a date set for a second tournament this season? Hope the fish are peeling your drag.


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