6 comments on “Surf Fishing Tip of the Week # 60 2018 Korkers

  1. CharlieinNeedham

    Hard to see how the aluminum bars and hexagonal discs would work as well as the heavy duty carbide tipped spikes to penetrate through the slime on rocks.
    Love the support and cushioning of my new Korker Wraptor boots with the carbide spike sole for maximum traction.

  2. Jimmy Z

    There was a company years ago, I forget the name, that used aluminum bars on a galosh type, slip on, rock walker shoe. We all used them in RI for a couple of years. They were the best on wet, moss covered and dry rocks!

  3. John Toro

    Aluminum is soft and will actually deform slightly and penetrate into smoother, slimy rocks so you’ll have an excellent grip on THAT type of rock. Regular spikes will dangerously slide all over those (trust me on that one).
    On rougher rocks that are covered with a thick layer of kelp-like seaweed spikes will work better.


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