Trouble in paradise

We understand that some of you received the notice from the blog recently about a new post but when you clicked on it redirected you to another site. I been told that our blog might have been “clicked jacked” meaning you click on one thing and yet it takes you to another place.

You can always read new posts by going directly  to Some guys do this as their first thing in the morning with their cup of coffee, some do it later, and some only when they receive notification.

Some others have had issues with posting and entering giveaways last few days. They got “session expired” message and were unable to post. We are trying to figure out what is going on. If you are having issues, please drop me an email to and explain it to me what the issues are. If we know what they are, maybe we can get a better idea on how to fix it as we don’t receive the notices from the blog and we are always logged in so we don’t see the blog the same way you do,

Again, my sincerest apologies for your inconveniences




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30 comments on “Trouble in paradise

  1. CTmatt

    I opened this page,took 30 seconds to type something and I got a timed out message. I was able to hit back and resend but kind of annoying. I know it isn’t on your end obviously.

    And it just happened again…

  2. Jerry

    Matt.. The same thing happened to me on Saturday. I tried to post but got the “timed out” error. Tried again, same thing. Tried from a different iPad then from a Mac book and got the same error. I noticed that 175 people were able to enter for the super-duper wonderbread bottle plug so I figured I’d gotten the boot from Zeno for writing something inappropriate. But what the heck did I write????? I spent an hour going thru old blogs trying to find something stupid that I posted and saw that everything I write is generally off topic and unreadable, like this one. I figured it finally caught up with me!

  3. Mike T

    I had the timed out message about 3 or 4 times, I think it was Sunday morning. Then I got it to go. Hope this helps.

  4. Dan Radman

    Got the timed out message on monday and Tuesday when trying to post a reply.
    Just tried to post this message and happened again. Tried fourth time and it worked.

  5. Karl

    it happened to me this morning writing this message twice that it timed out when I tried to respond just now and also a few days ago when i responded to the give away

  6. Jimt

    Im not worried about it, im sure you will figure it out. This site has easily entered my top 10 for sure. I can put up with some temp BS. Good luck figuring it out. I feel your pain.

  7. captn bob

    Hey Z happened to me over the weekend. Thought it might be system overload, hit refresh, message was still there clicked send and you guys received. Took a little longer to post than normal but went through.

  8. sioca

    Z, so far I have not experience any problems on my end. I am posting this massage to see if anything goes wrong. I will post right after this if anything. Here it goes!

  9. CTMatt

    I think we all agree Z/Tommy and the crew have nothing to do with this. We are all patient adults and things will be fine.

  10. CTMatt

    Still gettting timeouts unless I post almost immediatly. Back button resubmit still works fine for me.

  11. Ken

    Z thanks for caring about us and the site. It just happen to me on this reply Time Out message 2 times so far

  12. sioca

    Could it be some comparability issues with the different systems? I’m using PC (Windows). Is it happening with Mac’s or i Pad’s?
    It still working OK here.

  13. bunufish

    Posting to test. Hope you figure it out without too much frustration…

    …and got the timed out message.

  14. sioca

    A suggestion: Can we name the system(s) we are using when posting so it can be narrowed down to were the problem might be occurring?

    Using Win PC with Explorer and Firefox browsers: working OK.

  15. Chris

    but apparently it’s intermittent, I’d start with your webhost, seems like the server might be getting overloaded intermittently… I think I just spelled ‘intermittent’ wrong 3 times…

  16. Chris

    Nope, just googled it and the definition it gives sounds like good fishing weather:

    Occurring at irregular intervals; not steady: “there were overcast skies, intermittent rain, and heavy mists”.


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