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Someone asked about Penn Torque. As many of you know, I fell on mine few weeks ago and broke the stem. Fortunately great folks from Penn made it whole again. What are my impressions after about a year of use? Same as what Alan Hawk has written. Not just good but exceptional reel. You know how some companies, when you tell them “you should fix this” tell you “thank you for your thoughts now go away”? Not Penn. The first Torque that hit the market I believe had a small screw that was holding the roller. Sometimes onย  day with a crosswind the line would get caught on this nut after you completed a cast. Nothing more than annoyance but to a guy who fished with manual reels for years, it was very aggravating. I emailed them, within a week they redesigned the screw by sinking it into the body. Problem solved for everyone. Talking about listening to feedback from end-user !The drag is nice and smooth and no, it does not seize when you turn in half turn like some other reels. I like the fact that it applies drag gradually as you turn the knob. I would probably prefer a round , metal knob on a handle, again, it’s probably out of habit. This reel is a buy

Heard a lot of good things about new MAK Angler bags but did not get to see one yet.

Rock hopper clips..simplicity in its purest form. Works as advertised and eliminates a lot of headaches for me in regards to how I place my gear on my belt or attach stuff to the belt. Another no-brainer

Super Strike new Heavy poppers? did not get a chance to wet them yet, or did Lemire’s Plugworks needlefish, both on my to-do list. If this fracture bone in my casting finger ever heals….

After 10 years or wearing Grunden cheap pullover jacket ,this spring I went googan all the way and been using a Columbia PFG jacket. Yes ,it had a zipper and no , my balls are not wet…lol

Funny, huh? Zippered jacket, Zippered waders and a two piece rod? I tell you what. If you are a serious surfcaster, you want to eliminate as many possible failures as possible. So plain waders, pullover jacket and even one piece rod might be better suited to your fishing style. Don’t let anyone ever talk you into getting stuff that you don’t feel you need, don’t like or don’t want just because some pro-schmo is using it. I am merely trying to bring to your attentions few things that actually do hold up just fine in the surf contrary to popular belief. But this also has a lot to do with a modern age materials we use today. We came a long way from substandard zippers and two piece rods that had as much action as a broomstick. I would not be surprised if Lamiglas comes out with a kick ass once piece blank in the near future. They have the capabilities, brain and manufacturing, I think it’s just a matter of time… not that I would have some info you don’t. Just thinking out loud.

Tactical Angler Clips…yes , I tried breakaways and I like TA better. I tried another brand, don’t remember the name and did not like it. For me these clips are the ultimate no-brainer…they are pricey but you paying for the knowledge of Mr. Myagi ๐Ÿ™‚

We are still having posting problems so if you could let us know what are you currently experiencing in regards to posting, we’d appreciate it. Also, the feed burner email that you get once we put on up a new post. Is it still pointing to a Chinese site? Or broken link like yesterday? Or back to normal. We were told that the issue can be either at our server at godaddy or because we have way to many users. We have no idea but the planned changes are coming in few weeks anyway…maybe this is a sign of God that is time to close the shop. What this isย  , a major annoyance and again, we are sorry for inconvenience

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9 comments on “more thoughts on gear

  1. CTMatt

    Yeah me too! It was GIGANTIC hahaha. Come read issue #13! From 5 weeks ago and 80 other updates!

    If you ever need some reader reviews of gear Z/Tommy just ask your bloggers. I am sure you’ll get some pretty honest and unbiased opinions.

    Quick Heavy Popper review.

    I had to have one. I wanted to be able to put a heavy popper/subsurface swimmer in my bag for ages after seeing my 2 3/8’s seem to wash out in current when I was swimming it. First day out I was VERY impressed with the casting. So good it cleared a mooring bouy I never reached. Only problem was there was a rope hanging off floating on the side I didn’t see and I snagged it…first cast. Yes I did in fact go home, grab a canoe and saved my virgin plug haha. Long story short on the next outing I noticed immediatly the better heads up type waggle she has plus it holds current significantly better. I swim in the current low in the column and as it sweeps out I use it topwater. Genius plug!

    I’ll toss in a quick MAK Angler review…

    I have been trying gear to see what works for me over the last 2 or so years and my first trip to Block Island was on the horizon. I didn’t have a good wetsuiting bag so I came across the MAK Angler 3 tube. I never felt a material like this before in a premium bag and for an “entry level” if you will bag I was very impressed. Hooks will never penetrate the fabric, I love the way they do their tubes for drainage and how they “flex” when worn and the weight (or lack thereof) was remarkably light and watershedding. Was a pleasure to pluck plugs from. Only complaint is the eel/sluggo pouch inside I remembered as being a bit small for the bag. A bit more room in the top flap leader pouch would have been a welcome addition but there are always ways around that. Very solid bag for what I believe was around $130. Solid and tough as nails.

  2. CTMatt

    As far as the T/A’s being more pricey just grab the 25 pack. Instead of being almost a buck a clip for an 8 pack, when you get 25 (you know you are going to use these) it is only around 50 cents a pop. No reason to screw around with anything else.

  3. Lloyd K

    I am a little disappointed with my Penn Torque 5. I stripped the main gear fighting a 17lb fish in moderate current. On the bright side Tony at Penn had my reel back to me within a week with a new main gear.

  4. Richard aka Woodwker99

    Thanks for the Penn in put. I want an upgrade reel, would love a zb or vs but my pocket(and my wife) make the Penn the closest I will get. now I just need to get my sheckles together and get it (bailess of cause). Thanks again for the best blog on the net, and the best surf fishing magazine in the world.

  5. Moses

    Thanks again for another great product review! Thanks for making me laugh! Mr. Myagi… Thanks for the heads up on the Penn Torque. Nice looking reels. By the way good to know your balls stayed dry! Haha. I haven’t had a chance to try the new SS Heavy Popper yet but it’s on the to do list along with the sweet needle from Al Lemire. Can’t wait to try that needle myself. Sorry about all the problems but don’t get crazy and close up shop! Tight lines

  6. mark m

    I have the whole MAK Angler series of bags in stock at the shop for checking out. As far as a good deal goes, the TA angler clips in bulk is the was to go. We sell them every day.


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