TrailHead Tire Deflators giveaway

Today’s giveaway is a for a product that I have grown to love over the years, In fact, I have no idea how did I do without it.
yes I realize you can manually let the air out of your tires, but why?
By the time you do that, you can get few more posts on the internet boards with your Droid or Iphone, telling everyone just how great of a keyboard surfcaster you are 🙂
All kidding aide, I love my  Trailhead Tire Deflators
You pull up to the beach, screw them in and presto, air comes out to exactly to the tire pressure you set your Trailhead Tire Deflators previously. No standing on your knees in mud and rain, no drooling while you hold a flashlight in your mouth. Just screw it in a and forget it. TRAILHEAD Automatic Tire Deflators will automatically reduce the air pressure in a tire to a predetermined level and stop, preventing any further loss of air from the tire. They will function properly whether your vehicle is stationary or traveling at speeds of 20 mph or less.
Not a good product, a great product for everyone that puts their truck on sand , regardless if its 1 time or a 100 times a year.
The winner will provide a contact phone so folks from Trail Head Tire Deflators can call him(or her) and find out exactly which model is bests suited for their needs.
Do we take care of you or what ?
Visit their website for more information at

137 comments on “TrailHead Tire Deflators giveaway

  1. Nick

    I’m not in(I have 2 sets already, let someone else win) you know I voted and felt bad I could’nt vote for the other 11 kids. any way you could come up with 11 more prizes Z? oh well its great to see a happy kid thats all………

  2. woodwker99

    I’m in…. now watch me win this ….and me without a truck now due to some idiot that couldn’t keep a safe distance from my rear bumper….


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