Kids are all winners and sand eel thoughts

I know its hard to vote for the kids. If it was up to us, every each one of these kids would receive a prize. Because they are all winners, along with  their parents.
but wait….there is always someone who thinks  faster then us
And that someone ,who wishes to remain anonymous, offered to make twelve of these lures, one for each participant in the final vote.
How great is that?
This means that each child will receive something to remember our contest ,besides spending the time on the beach with their loved one, which to be honest, is the most important part
So our hats go off to this generous and thoughtful fellow….
item Two
yes, i know the pictures are gone from the top of the blog…so far I am unable to fix it…work on it…between the tides
Item Three
There is a pretty good sand eel bite going on from mid-island in NY all the way down through New Jersey.
You know how we anticipate migration southward in the fall? Let say the fish were today at beach XYZ feeding on peanut bunker…then tomorrow you wont go to XYZ beach because those fish will be moving with bait. Instead , you will go to the ABC beach abc and look so smart and smug while you are catching fish ….unlike those who followed yesterday reports
So now, you know that sand eel bite has been on for few days at XYZ….naturally you are thinking that tomorrow you will hit ABC and show everyone your prowess and intelligence. After all, you got a “nose” for the fish. You neighbor told you so when you brought home a fat 28 incher after getting skunked on previous 1458 consecutive tides…..
You should go back to XYZ
and the day after ?
go back to XYZ
Think about this in terms of migration patterns. Although most bait travel southward or westward during fall migration the sand eels do not. Instead they move from deep to shallow water and back to deep water again.
Which means?
That the XYZ beach will have steady action until either stripers find water too cold or sand eels vacate.
Which is a good part….
the bad part?
eventually it will look like this place looked yesterday

16 comments on “Kids are all winners and sand eel thoughts

  1. Nick

    Very cool Z I’m glad all the kids are getting a prize. My hats off to the plug builder(I think I know who it judging by the plug thats there)

  2. mark m

    Great idea “plug” guy 🙂 I was thinking that those kids want to win and they are already winners. Alittle extra never hurts when it comes to kids. Hey Z, is that the club fishing a nice bite with their cloaking device on? Now that would be an ultimate surfcasters tool…..invisible mode. LOL THE INVISIBLE SURF TOP

  3. Lou

    My hats off to the “Plug Builder”. Very generous of you …

    Now on to the sand eel bite…. What the heck happened to any form of ediquete on the freakin beach. There is a certain “group” of folks that have come in and continually mugged people already established in spots once the bite turns on. This has been going on since the sand eel bite started on at a certain beach a while ago. What’s with this crap?? A verbal altercation occured yesterday when they mugged an older gentleman and refused to move.

    I would love to see what the fishing is like in that country. If every one fishes like that, it must be a madhouse !!!!!!!!

    Common guys, give your fellow fisherman a break !!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Madmedic

    It is great to see that they all will win a prize ! I wish I could of voted for all of them, it is so good to see the next generation taking such an interest in fishing !

  5. Roger Matloff

    What a nice gesture, “Plug Builder” may you be blesses with wind in your face and fish on your hook. Maybe with the plug you should include a small note outlining the etiquette of surfcasting so these folks grow up to be thoughtful and considerate fishermen.

  6. Allen Won

    Fantastic! Everyone is a winner. It is heartening to see this kind of generosity in these time of me, me, me. Bravo ‘Plug Builder’!

  7. pistol pete

    Last year at block island I learned that sand eels dont migrate… and as long as there were sand eels, there were bass… and there were sand eels for a LOONG time…

    Guy donating plugs should make himself known, as admirable as that is to stay anonymous… I would love to give that guy my money

  8. Mark m

    I watched it happen Lou. I was just to the right of you yelling at the same fellas who slipped in and would not budge. Every time casting over others and letting the fish swim down the beach across others lines instead of walking down from their “spot”. Nice watching a guy try to reel/drag a fish across the sand 30 feet away and hitting everyone.

  9. Juan

    Congrats to the kids! Wish I could win something. But yeah somebody is gonna get it at the beach real soon. Was at Moses on Monday havin a hell of a time catching fish left and right when after unhooking a fish turned to find some dude in my spot. Had to tell the guy to step away from my spot because I wasn’t done fishing yet. These people don’t understand what it’s all about. Another thing I saw that aggravated me this week end were guys, who to me, looked like they were ther for the sport of surf fishing that I so much love, abusing the fish. They were droping the fish in the sand like It was already dead and then kicking them back into the water. Also grabbing them by the gill plates and jamming their fingers into the gills. I mean come on. Might aswel keep them cuss they’re probaly gonna die now. Freaking sucks what’s happening out there. The fishing is great but having to deal with all that bs just puts a downer on the whole experience. I don’t know. Maybe it’s just me.


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