Tip of the Week # 9 – Cutting Hooks

Special thanks to High Hill Striper Club fellow member Robert Hurley for the idea for this Tip of the Week

If you have struggled with cutting VMC hooks for your plugs in the past, this might help quite a bit


Totally irrelavant

I got this working prototype large 2 ounce Yo Zuri Mag Darter 165 in the mail this evening.This is what happened on first cast and many casts afterwards. All smallish fish but all over this plug
We were told to expect these lures to be in stores early Nov

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10 comments on “Tip of the Week # 9 – Cutting Hooks

  1. Vito Orlando

    Z, that’s a great idea. I wish I would have thought of that. If I may add to the video, I use a Dremmel to cut all my VMC Hooks. In my opinion this will allow for a finer cut. If you look closely at ALL VMC HOOKS you will notice a slight notch on one side, at the Top of the Hook Shank where it meets the eye. This is where I cut. Been doing so for many years. I do not cut anything less than 1/0 as the smaller sizes can be used with an O ring. Now after watching this video, I can easily bend the eyes. thank You.


      1. vito orlando

        Josh, I use a very thin cutting wheel. Unsure of the exact thickness. Make the thinness cut you can. I then bend the eye to place it on the hook holder. Z’s system of bending the eye is just what the doctor ordered for me. It is a great idea. Best of luck

  2. Joe GaNun

    In the video you mentioned that VMC hooks are a little brittle these day. I have snapped a couple recently unhooking fish and also a few last year. Have they changed ?


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