This and that

Few things that you might not known…but you will now 🙂

Charlie from Choopy Lures, our supporter from way back when is doing a limited run of shirts. You can get all the info by following link at SOL

ZeeBaaS is having another hands on workshop in their headquarters in Stratford where they will show you how to self service your reel. It is scheduled for Sat, Jan 28 at 9:00AM, You can call them, visit their website or Facebook page at!/ZeeBaasReels

And now shameless self promotion part of our day. You guys know I love reminding you  just how great  of a surfcaster  I am . Yeah, right, I cringe every time I have to make an appearance.  I try to turn down every invitation to talk.But for a good cause, you got to step it up. So I will be at FCA new headquarters in Staten Island in February.

FCA is a conservation organization and I am looking forward to meeting some SJ readers there

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7 comments on “This and that

  1. David Strom

    FWIW, I met some FCA people at a boat show in Lakewood NJ in summer, 2010. Teaching knots, etc. Game for kids. The people I met were very good people. Seemed like a good organization.

    Hope to be able to see you there, Z. Gotta check the boss’s (wife) schedule.



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