New video from SJ

There is nothing like a spoken word. Yes, you might have read the interview in the last issue of the magazine, but listening to someone talk about what they are passionate about is a whole diferent feeling



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  1. CTMatt

    I can say first hand it was a pleasure learning from last years self service seminar that even a bonehead like me can tear down a ZB without heistation and that if i ran into trouble ZB was a quick phone call away. I was so impressed that i sold what i had for a zx22. Serviceability is one of these reels strongest suits and i finally have a progressive drag. I think ZB has another seminar slated for 1/28/12 if i am not mistaken. You dont need an engineering degree or a tool fabricator on speed dial to do a self service but the tips and tricks certainly gave me confidence to do it right. Late spring cant come soon enough!


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