The winner of Tsunami Junior STRIPERTHON Contest

Saying that all kids are BIG winners here along with their parents would be a colossal understatement.

But you guys had to pick out one picture…I know it wasn’t easy

The winner of Tsunami Junior STRIPERTHON Contest is …

picture # 10




Please get in touch with us so we can see how we are going to get this rod and lures to you. And again, I have to express my sincerest thanks to folks from Tsunami who provided the prizes. In fact, the contest for kids was THEIR idea !!!

Also, thank you Tsunami for making the best kickass sand eel imitation ever


Thanks to our plug builder who wishes to remain anonymous, each child will receive one of these beautiful lures ….


I said I wanted to give each child a mtk t-shirt only realizing latter that the smallest size I had was Medium…but then Tommy jumped in and donated these Plugoholic t-shirts in small size…


So each child will receive one t-shirt, (either mtk or plugoholic) , one custom lure and a SJ sticker

All parents, get in touch with me and email me your shipping info along with your child picture # to

The amount of stuff we shipped this month in giveaways and gifts is insane. No wonder we are broke.

In better news department, I spoke to Penn yesterday and Penn Torque 5 , black and bail less should be here in about a week or two.  Give me few days and I’ll get everything ready for the STRIPERTHON 2010 vote..We got some unbelievable prizes to give to the winners.

12 comments on “The winner of Tsunami Junior STRIPERTHON Contest

  1. Nick

    Congrats to the little lady on her win, its a great picture, make sure you hit dad up for a vs 200 for that rod(the holidays are coming you know)


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