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I recently received an email from a subscriber who was suggesting that my posts without locations really do not have any value and are in some way useless. Mind you, the fellow wasn’t looking for spots, he was nearly inquiring in which state I was fishing.

From now on, you should assume that everything I write, unless specific location is mentioned takes place somewhere between Brooklyn and Montauk Point, New York.

When we started this blog I was very apprehensive about three things in particular. One was to be careful not to come across as a pompous ass who uses the blog as a pulpit to talk down to people. If you read my books you know that is not my style. Yeah, I get frustrated sometimes like many of you but my ego is almost nonexistent. Regardless how full of air I might get Da Wife does a great job in deflating that balloon.

Second thing was the products that we are talking about it. I understand and accept the responsibilities that some people might take my word as gospel. And I know that regardless how much I might think of a product, you might despise it. For Christ sake, some people hate VS, which to me boggles my mind. Take this for what it is, opinion of one guy and nothing more. You should take it as a beginning of your education about a product instead of a final word. What I can assure you is that we tried it.

Last but certainly not least is a spot burn. Let’s face it, we at Surfcaster’s Journal know all the spots, know about all the bites and all the players. Ok, that was a joke, we really know nothing other then what our friends share with us. Since our wives won’t let us fish, we invent stories and Photoshop pictures to go along with them so you would think we actually know what we are talking about.

Seriously, think about the information you gather from your friends. If you made 10% of that public no one will talk to you. that’s why we are very careful not to go into too much details as to where we fish or what we hear. When we started this publication our mission was to bring you surf fishing content no one will print and I think we succeeded in that. There are plenty of fishing websites on which spots are blown up with regularity up and down the coast.

You might say what’s the big deal about talking about “public” spot…let’s be honest, doesn’t matter where you wet a line chances are you will be sharing a spot with a local or regular. A fellow who might not appreciate other invading his spot. So regardless who’s spot you are talking in present terms you are increasing a  likelihood of bringing report chasers to it and making lifelong enemies. So regardless which spot you are talking about, it’s always somebody’s spot.

Why is staying away from location in  present terms important? Because we are a publication that seeks to educate, amuse and enlighten you with stories in magazine or the blog. Use of location ( again, in general terms) gives some color to the story and helps reader relate to the story. People are curious mammals, they like to know.

You have to admit that writing “last fall at shineckock inlet mullet were beaching themselves” bring out a different emotion in you then “last night at shinecock inlet mullet were beaching themselves”.

If we write the later sentence you would have your rods packed and truck in the gear before you ever finished reading  the sentence.

Hey, there is nothing wrong with that. We’d probably beat you to the inlet 🙂

Other News

They say that best things in life are free….I am not sure about that. If I counted up what my wife  cost me so far….ok, enough of that before I get in some real trouble 🙂

Internet is a wonderful tool for getting information to the reader and also for burning fishing spots(sorry, I couldn’t resist). Recently I became aware of a wonderful free newsletter that is chock full of good info, tips, articles and even videos. Its brainchild of Ron from Lordship Lures. To anyone who registers on his website he sends a free newsletter every month. Now you might say “great, another guy wants to send me his email telling me what on sale and what I should buy”…..and you’d be wrong

His newsletter is much different than the stuff you receive from internet retailers. It’s actually like reading stuff from one surfcaster to another, his way of giving back to the sport he loves.

Neat little thing. Check it out at

last but not least

I hope all of you have enjoyed your Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends. We at Surfcaster’s Journal Magazine, Blog and upcoming TV show are grateful to have such a dedicated group of readers.

9 comments on “All the news that is fit to print

  1. Chris A

    We are dedicated because your hard work shows….talk about shows a TV show. Tell me more “People are curious mammals, they like to know.” Haha. thanks.

  2. Zeno Post author

    we are toying with some different idea….we are a internet publication so any show would be ion the net instead of the tube…we figure this would be a good way to introduce a SJ cheerleaders

  3. Irish

    The blog is a nice spot to stop by for hardore surfcasters to see whats new. Your photos are great and it is enjoyable. The magazine is obviously a laborous effort that has well surpassed what I was expecting. It is high quality in content and structure. Z and Tommy keep at . This is a unique medium that is well appreciated.

  4. Raven

    Yeah …all along i’ve been taking pictures of ZENO standing in front of a green screen so i can easily photo shop him into the surf.

    I mean the guy has never even got his feet wet in SALT water that i can remember. Big SMILE -> for the ego less SANTA man.

  5. Karl

    always enjoy the info you share being I live and primarily fish in monmouth county nj I am certainly not concerned about the specific spots you fish, keep up the great communication which i have appreciated both from learning technique, product info and just fun reading

  6. Jim

    I’ve always found the info you put out there to be valuable even if you don’t mention where your fishing. you can adapt any information and apply it to your area. I’ve been on Rons list from the begining and it is indeed GREAT to read !! My biggest fish came on a Lordship Eelskin 40 .

  7. Tony Marchisotto

    Hey Z

    It’s OK to burn a spot or 2. There will always be another spot. Now that you “burned” the Lordship Lure website my chances of winning that mini agitator just dropped! 🙂



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