The winner is PENN MONSTER combo and a new video review


The winner is PENN MONSTER Combo 9500 PENN Spinfisher SSV and 12” PENN Battalion rod is …..

Jerry Kelly

Jerry congratulations and thank you all for entering. And thank you PENN Fishing for making this possible. Jerry contact us at with your shipping address so we can forward it to PENN

On a more personal note, there have been a lot of great people helping us get SJ off the ground since we started but no one on a national level has ever helped us more than a team from PENN. For that I will be personal forever greatful.

From a business standpoint, PENN came a  long way in the surf market from years ago but I dare you to find a company who has came to with more new blockbuster products than PENN and its associated bands under Pure Fishing umbrella. Think about it for a second, PENN Torque, PENN Spinfisher, PENN Battle, PENN 706, Spiderwire Braid and yes, the insane and catch-all Berkley GULP. Lets not forget Sebile Lures!…..I wish them all a continued success and I hope they never stop reinventing the wheel.

Here is another company that keeps hitting the ball out of the park, StormR. I know most of you carry smartphones these days and I know that they cost more than not only your first PC but in some cases, your first car. Keeping it in waders is silly and recipe for a disaster. Fumbling with locking mechanism with many waterproof pouches is insanely complicated for no reason. But the new phone pouch from StormR is probably the most simplistic design of all time

take a look in this video

and stay tuned for more giveaways


6 comments on “The winner is PENN MONSTER combo and a new video review

  1. Csr

    That phone case is fantastic. I have the same exact case made by a different company. Simple design, and it keeps water out. Last year, I accidentally dropped it in shallow water and it ended up under my kayak. Fished it out, and my 2 phones were completely dry. Can’t say enough good things about it.

  2. mark d

    big penn fan also
    fished my greenie for about 40 years. then a spinfisher v the last few. just bought a torque 5 bailess
    thks to penn for supporting sj and other venues

  3. jimmy z

    That phone case is a good idea Z. If I took my phone with me out onto the rocks, I would use that phone case.


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