On My Own Two Feet: A Short Surfcasting Film – PART 2

A part two from Steven Gallant



4 comments on “On My Own Two Feet: A Short Surfcasting Film – PART 2

  1. Salty

    Hi Steven,
    Thanks for your excellent video.

    It’s great that you practice ‘catch and release’ of your catch for future generations of anglers and fish stocks.

    However you might like to rethink how you weight your fish with a lip grip (Boga) vertically in the video. Doing so puts excess stress on the fish, possibly damaging their jaw muscle and bone as well as internal organs. Sort of defeats the purpose of ‘C&R’.

    I understand the tradition of Boga grips in a Surfcasters arsenal (portable, easy to use …) but what about a fish sling to support your fish and use the lip grips to weigh the fish all snug and properly supported.

    I did a quick Google search and found EGO do a weigh sling in three sizes (I am not associated with EGO at all, just a mad surf fisho).

    There must a portable/compact version out there to fit our surf bags. Anyone know of such a product?

    Or maybe someone (Boga?) should produce one.

    Tight lines,

  2. S.

    I appreciated the previous post! Stomach linings tear when fish are held like that. It is also clear that the angler wants everyone to know that he’s into a big fish. In my neck of the woods, catching a big fish “and not telling your mother” is the way we do things.


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