The weekend, the winner and stuff

I hope you guys are enjoying the new issue. Every time we do this it’s like welcoming another member into our family. When Dave mentioned to me that he wants to interview all the fellows that landed fish over 50 pounds from the surf last year, I was a bit surprised as I never really seen that angle to the story. And I must say he hit the ball out of the park.

Ok, first, the winner of this Lemire Plug Works mint Goo Goo Eyes swimmer is

You have 5 days to email us at or you forfeit your prize.


Two, I am going to keep saying this because I am getting a lot of emails about it. Anyone who has access issues to the journal, we are here to help. Usually it’s a forgotten password, or username but we are here to help. We have not have any issues with the journal itself but I can understand how you forget your username after two months. Before you email us, try the password retrieval tool on Log In screen. If you are a Gmail dude I can ALMOST guarantee that your password will be in SPAM/JUNK folder. Anyway, feel free to shot us an email. Same email address above.

Three, this weekend on tap is Surf Day at River’s End Bait and Tackle at Old Saybrook CT. We hope to see you there,

Four, we would like to welcome Century Rods at and Edge Angling at  as new supporters of the Surfcaster’s Journal Magazine. We used Century rods in the past and were very impressed by them and the Edge? Who has not shopped there? They are class operation all the way


March 23th, 2013

It won’t be long, the first migrating schoolies will here and the long wait will be over.  Until then join us in celebration of surf fishing. It’s a great day to hang out, take in a seminar and just get reacquainted with some old and new surf rats. We’ll have great speakers, demonstrations, factory reps, sales, door prizes, gourmet road kill and good friends.

                      FEATURED SURFCASTERS

Dave Anderson – conducting a seminar “ Six Steps to Your Next Personal Best Striper”

Tony Stetzko – demonstrating St.Croix Rods

Steve McKenna – will demonstrate how to weight Red Fins and make them more productive.

Dennis Zambrotta – will be signing “Surfcasting Around the Block”

Adam Romagna – is displaying antique striper plugs

We’ll also have reps from CTS Rods, Van Staal, Commando Surfcasting, Super Strike, Zee Baas, Line Stretcher, Tsunami,

Lunker City, Pure Fishing and more. It’s free, just show up.


back to magazine…this is just a short preview . The full 31 minutes interview can be found in the subscriber section of the new issue of the Surfcaster’s Journal Magazine. See you in CT





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  1. TedC

    Great to see new supporters!! Anyone that supports SJ is good in my book! Havent had a chance to get into the new mag yet… Been really busy… Its driving me crazy!


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