SJ Mega Lure Giveaway

Over the weekend I will try to gather my thoughts about something that drove me nuts this week. Lost passwords, inability to remember usernames, inability to distinguish between Blog and Magazine, Kate Upton bra size…but today is a Friday and I will make it extra special.

This giveaway is open to subscribers of the Surfcaster’s Journal Magazine only. If you are not subscriber please do not enter and save me a headache of deleting your entry


We can call this a Mega Giveaway, more than a dozen lures, all going to one lucky dude (or dudete)

Maybe you’ll catch your personal best on it ? Hey, you got to be in it to win it. I have a feeling this is going to be a year of a lot of big fish being caught.

Our thanks for being subscribers to the Surfcaster’s Journal  Magazine. And if you are not a subscriber, you can become one by following this link

Good luck


256 comments on “SJ Mega Lure Giveaway

  1. Yoda2828

    Been helping the Mrs with the stomach bug and trying to dodge it myself. Hope there’s still time . I’m in for a grear give away. Thanks SJ.


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