The proof is in the pudding.

We do a superstrike give away where you have to pick a page in the magazine and actually type the numbers in your response.

But as we suspected some of you see “give away” in the post title and don’t even bother reading (what takes “z” 4 hours of spell check to type).

Shout out to everyone who actually cares to read our stuff!

And to the others…

32 comments on “The proof is in the pudding.

  1. CTmatt

    Where is that Arnold Diaz video clip “Shame on you” from Fox News when you need it!


    Love you guys…in a bro fishing with a bro kinda way.

  2. Woody

    What was the question? LOL

    Pg170 could look good at 4 in the morning…a bagel and a cup of joe could do it for him(depends on your perspective…)

    but my guess is he might like the photo on page 60…
    it’s a great shot…

  3. fishinthedark

    I actually read the articles in playboy too 🙂
    Good job as always I guess I am in page 54 ???

  4. Tommy

    Unfortunately this is not the post where you pick the page you like. So please enter your suggestions in the other give away post so you can be counted.

  5. CTMatt

    Tommy, Doug from Surfcaster sent Z a catalog…did you recieve one as well? I can ask him to send it if you like.

    Oh yeah…

    PAGE 197! I’M IN!

  6. Rich B.

    Despite the internet, fine publications like SJ, and the incredible amount of information available to all of us, there’s a reason that still only 10% of the fishermen catch 90% of the fish.

  7. woodwker99

    Even on a page making fun of those who don’t read past the first word some of us put page numbers, and I’m in to the post! Some times I see what makes Tom and Z want to shoot themselves…lol.

  8. Vincent Carr

    Out of respect, I am not going to pick a picture. I’ll just read. Thank You for your effort!!

  9. CTmatt

    People who don’t read simple directions should be temporarily popped from subscriptions…nobody needs a leech. We should make a poll to find out who actually cares enough about surfcasting and this journal to contribute a proper response. Subscribers are great but free meal tickets for folks doesn’t reward the folks who care enough to read/reread/promote SJ. Not trying to sound snobbish but the more people that we get the more sludge/headaches the boys seem to have to deal with. I don’t have a suitable solution I guess but the fact of the matter is the folks who respond and contribute are the real winners.
    Maybe having to contribute a donation monthly will weed out the folks that are looking for a handout…I dunno. Not asking to give a left arm but a few bucks considering what you get in the end is more then reasonable. It is hard to ask folks to do things like that but when a journal gives so much to so many folks through sponsors/their own expertise/time/effort the least someone could do is come along and freaking READ everything they have to say. I find it insulting.

  10. woodwker99

    Ok Z. I really see it all the time. But I just laugh and laugh.
    Envy you I do not. Keep telling yourself that you ARE doing a great job putting out the best Fishing publication on and off the web. and for all you guys at SJ do, I for one thank you and tip my hat.


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