Testing, testing, testing…Lou Caruso with a new CTS S7 Surf rod

You would not believe how many messages we get asking “hey, can you upload a new video to YouTube?”. We get them all the time trough our YouTube Channel

As if we can just create the content out of thin air. So when our Rod Guru Lou Caruso from  Lou’s Custom Rods asked us last weekend to join him at Jones Beach Piers for a rod test we did not even ask, what kind of rod?  Nope, we were desperate for anything. Zebco and Barbie rod and then it can go only up from there we thought. Ok, that is probably extreme but it has been awhile since we fondled the camera.

The forecast called for 65 balmy degrees and sunny…Or so they said. Instead we found heavy fog and wicked winds out of the west . I was seriously questioning if we would get an usable audio out it but the wind muff on the mic did its job.

Lou showed up with a new CTS S7 eleven foot rod rated 1 to 4 oz. This is a new rod from CTS and not only that I haven’t tried it, neither did Lou. He just wrapped it and was eager to see what the rod can do for the first time.

We’ll , I am not going to give you an ending but will say that Lou as usually is brutally honest .


11 comments on “Testing, testing, testing…Lou Caruso with a new CTS S7 Surf rod

  1. mark d

    thks for sharing….lou built me a s8 that is by far the best rod I have ever owned…I wonder how it compares to the s7 ?

  2. Brian K

    Great video! Good luck with fish in the Spring.
    How about some additional info on the rod and the build: guide types and size, line on reel or at least type of line to get maximum casting distance, how you determined guide placements, are guides put on backing or directly onto the rod. I know Lou is a builder and we should have him build a rod if we want all that info, but we have a group of anglers that may build some rods over the winter and would like to know any helpful hints for building rod for surf from one of the best.

  3. Lou

    Hi Brian, LOL I`’m not one of the guys that thinks you have to buy a rod from me to get the answers…LOL
    The line on the reel is straight PP 50 pound test. I only test rods with the line I actually fish with. I used the NGC layout for this rod using K frame guides starting with 30 and finishing the running train with 10’s. I do not use an inderwrap but I do polish the feet b

  4. Mike

    Hi Lou, How does this compare with the S7 Vapor Trail you built for me. (my go to rod all last year)?
    BTW If any SJ readers are looking for a custom rod that performs above the rest and above the best, Lou is the one to go to. Have a great New Year Lou and Z and all the SJ fishermen.


  5. Joe Cheperuk [Smokinjoe]

    Good job lou,Looking forward to see how this rod performs in the spring.Tight line’s my friend.Smoke


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