Got your shovels ready?

I sure hope that this is one of them deals where they wildly overestimate the storm and scare the crap out of the public…but after Sandy no one is taking a chance. I hope all of you stay safe and remember that even thou shoveling builds muscles and character, its a murder on the back.

Tommy is working hard (under heavy influence of Nyquil/Dayquil just like I am) to finish up the new issue of the Surfcaster’s Journal Magazine. Look for it early next week with your favorite columnists and for the first time, our two newest additions, Crazy Alberto Knie and Chef Chris Blouin. We are  proud of all our columnists and we are looking forward to what these two gentleman will bring to the table.

There will be some changes to the make up of this blog in 2014. Unlike in the past when I did it on my own with a little help from Midnight Rambler John Papciak, in this year we should have some help. We  have secured services of Bill Wetzel, Denis Zambrotta, Dave Anderson and Crazy Alberto Kine to contribute to the blog regularly  in addition to John and I in 2014. Of course our Rod Guru Lou Caruso will chime in on occasion as will other guest columnists. If any of our readers wants to contribute, just drop us a line at

This is also a show season and we have some special stuff planned for you, details to come on that. As of right now we are planning to attend NJ Surf Day, Berkeley and Asbury Flea Markets, RISAA in Providence, possible flea market in East Meadow on Super bowl Sunday and we hope to find a Suffolk county show later in February or March. There are only so many places we can be and still have a lady at home that wants to be married to us. If you guys have any other suggestions, we are all ears. Also, we know we sold out of Night Crew hoodies in one weekend and we honestly did not expect that. We ordered another small batch, only six of each size and they should be done next week.  If you want to be a first to get a heads up when they are in the store, drop us a line at and we’ll try to notify you. No guaranties but I always preferred to take care of the blog readers first. There are something like 26 000 people on our facebook page right now and we know they are looking for them too. I think we sent some to Australia, Portugal and Italy in the last batch few weeks ago. It just goes to show you that surfcasters are surfcasters regardless where they ply their craft.

Btw..while I am talking about writing, we are always on a lookout for fresh ideas. Dave Anderson handles all the writing assignments and if you have an idea feel free to email him at

There are still few microbass on NJ beaches but I got a feeling there will be a slim picking after this blow.


oh, yeah, the winner of that awesome Super Strike Snapper Lure Giveaway?

The winner is

You have 5 days to contact us at

If you don’t we are keeping them

No Joke 😉

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