Surfcaster's Journal reel bags

Sometimes the solutions to the problem are so simple, you start to wonder why you haven’t came up with them yourselves.

That’s how we felt when we seen the reel bags from  Fish Cinched. A double layer  nylon bag with waterproof soft lining opened on both ends. Instead of trying to make you bag  fit over the extended handle, trying to cover the stem and always worrying if it going to fly off your truck while you are driving, all you do is slide the whole rod and reel into the bag and cinch it on both ends


Ad a kickass Surfcaster’s Journal logo and your reel is going to love you. We ordered these bags few months ago and were hoping to have them in December. Obviously it did not work that way as we just recently got them and added them to our online store today. We only have less than a dozen of each color,  to be exact…so you might be getting a collector’s item…oh, well, no one ever called us smart businessmen 🙂


here is a picture

If your club or organization or a tackle shop is looking to make these types of bags with your logo, you can visit

That’s where we ordered our bags

6 comments on “Surfcaster's Journal reel bags

  1. harv

    Nice work they look cool they’re even good to use while ur rods hang in the garage. It gets very dusty from the gravel driveway up here in ct.

  2. Jeff M.

    I use three of those on our surf rods and I love them. One tip, after you cinch up each end, tie the cords into a loose bow to keep them from flailing around in the wind.


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