Big Fish Bait Co Prey Swimmer Giveaway

We haven’t done a giveaway in a little while, don’t read too much into it, it’s just me, running out of the hours in the day. You probably noticed lack of 4 am posts too. Strangely enough, the winter has been busier then a fishing season. Shoveling the white stuff does not help either.

Here is a giveaway where you actually have to do some leg work

I picked one picture from Issue # 5 of the Surfcaster’s Journal magazine as my favorite.

Your job is to browse through the magazine and tell me on what page is the picture located. You only get one guess so choose wisely

What are you going to win?

How about this sweeter them sweet Prey Swimmer from Big Fish Bait Co (

Maybe Larry from Big Fish Bait Co will chime in and tell us which shows is he doing this winter…

85 comments on “Big Fish Bait Co Prey Swimmer Giveaway

  1. Liquid

    #104!! That pic required some thought. How the bass sees the lure… need 2 people, one with a underwater cam and someone reeling in that lure.


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