Surf Fishing Tip of the Week # 54 Fishing with Bait

Surf Fishing Tip of the Week # 54 Fishing with Bait Primer.
I know Vito is going to dig this one (he was the original chunker before his found his religion). All kidding aside, it is remarkable how many guys use (in my humble opinion)  undersized and plainly overmatched equipment while bait fishing.  You don’t see this much in the plugging game. 

Now don’t get me wrong, there are spinning rods and few reels designed specifically for fishing with bait. The problem is that average fisherman usually will not go out of his way to buy them. he will buy 6 custom rods in 69 colors schemes that do almost exactly same thing instead of a chunking rod. LOL

A little exaggeration  buy you guys know what i am sayin

Bluefish are making appearance this week !!!

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5 comments on “Surf Fishing Tip of the Week # 54 Fishing with Bait

    1. zhromin Post author

      honestly, only for guys who have too high opinions about themselves and their importance. I rather fed live bait to skates with a guy who is passionate about fishing then plug next to a guy who lives to give advice on what’s “right’ way to fish
      what happened to guys that used to chunk under the light ?

  1. wendy052

    I like to chunk in the Spring here in N.J. for bass and big chopper blues which have just arrived. Most of the big bass in our state are caught every year off the surf on bunker heads.I like to set up on a fish on a J hook also as my late father used to say I was gonna rip the head off the fish I’m trying to catch.


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