Surf Fishing Tip Of The Week #4 -SP Minnow modification with Dave Anderson

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Tip Of The Week # 4
SP Minnow modification with Dave Anderson

Good to be back on US soil after visiting my grandmother. Would you believe the women is 91 years old and digs potatoes so fast by hand that i can barely keep up? That alone was worth two flights, ferry and a donkey ride..and enjoying the ambiance in a place where people forgot that deodorant is for armpits… Yes, I am kidding about a donkey but I do wish we still had some in town. They are fun to bother until they kick you in the you know where

Hope you guys are catching…from what I hear its been one tough June for a lot of guys

4 comments on “Surf Fishing Tip Of The Week #4 -SP Minnow modification with Dave Anderson

  1. Lee Solomon

    Okay So I am Assuming Dave is starting with the floating version of this plug NOT the sinking version.

  2. Gerald Audet

    The other plug that I am a big fan of that does this exact thing- suspend, maybe slow sink- is the Savage Gear “Free Styler”. It’s a glide bait, but the smaller size really suspends, and the larger size nearly does- especially with the included single hooks (no trebles). I also like- just like a sluggo- when pulled they will continue to glide on their own. So slow reel, twitch, stop is my tactic. The lure does a small slow wobble when reeled, then when you jerk it goes sideways (think walk the dog or darter), then when you stop it continues to glide and comes to a stop. I’ve landed two fish over 20lbs this season alone on these- both came on the glide! Last year I pulled a couple teen to twenty pound bass with these in a variety of water from calm to current (in current, I just let them swing). At $10-15, they are cheap plugs and the larger size provides a big [bunker] profile. The smaller is a spot on peanut imitator. Suspending lures are a missing piece in our bags, great video Dave!

  3. Roger

    The sinking suspends quite well and has been out for as long as the floater or at least 3 years. The hooks and rings are junk though. This lure is easy, so easy a caveman could catch on it. 🙂


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