Surf Fishing Tip Of The Week #3 – Tying direct with Bill Wetzel

Hope everyone is doing well. I have been in Europe for the last few weeks visiting family, hopefully I will get to sleep in my own bed this weekend , God willing.

Here are some thoughts on tying direct by NY Surf fishing guide Bill Wetzel

This video was featured on his channel sometime last year

Surf Fishing Tip Of The Week #3

Tying direct with Bill Wetzel

6 comments on “Surf Fishing Tip Of The Week #3 – Tying direct with Bill Wetzel

  1. Dennis M.

    Total respect for Bill. He’s caught more fish that I ever will in my lifetime. But some of his opinions do not make sense to me. I’ll stick with SPRO barrel swivels and TA clips.

  2. ChuckG

    Bill negates his argument for the direct tie rather than clips when he mentions all the hooks and plates on lures. If you are into changing up plugs, that 3 foot leader becomes 1 foot quite fast. I have been a critic of fluorocarbon for years, its strictly marketing, 50 lb green Big Game, a spool will last you many years…

  3. Bill Wetzel

    I think the Ta clips and spo barrels are fine. I initially began to tie direct after having duo locks openup. So all my plugs were already set up for tying direct when the ta came out. Just my preference on no clip. I also feel like less is more. RE: the spro barrel… spro is superior to what I use, however I feel as though I would over use the spro by never or rarely changing it. The Roscoe’s I just throw out when the black wears off. Once again just my preference and perhaps odd way of doing things. Yes the leaders do get short after awhile, however I like a long leader anyway, and do not change plugs much.

  4. bob jones

    Bill, You’ll stop tying direct when your eyes crap out and you get the shakes. I have a hard time tying in my den, with good lighting. Tying on a rock, in ground swells, will become impossible. Some nights, I just leave; if I have a breakoff. BJ


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