Surf Fishing 101 Episode # 8 video- Montauk Night plugs

Of all the things, colors when it comes to surf plugs are probably the most controversial, debated and disputed topic. There are those who claim that their opinions are “gospel” and others who will venture far to the other side and claim colors are irrelevant and size, profile and action is what you should be taking in consideration instead. Black plugs on dark night, white plugs on bright nights.

green plugs when its raining money?

You know what? All those things can be 100% correct

I wish people would just go back and fish “for themselves” and enjoy the sport for what it is. You like only black plugs, go at it. You are more of a tutti-frutti pencil popper dude, more power to you. What I found over the years is that just about any combination of colors  will catch fish..sometimes

However, you can find keyboard fisherman on the internet that are looking to put you down…all the time

That is why I was happy when I interviewed Bill Jakob and he started to talk about how colors do not exist and how he only sees “shades”. Wrong or not, it works for him and to me that is gold. A different and original perspective is hard to find these days. Honest one and based on experience even harder . Picking a good plugs for Montauk Surf is not difficult (cough darter, caught bucktail) Picking a guy that is willing to share his hard earned knowledge is little harder


One comment on “Surf Fishing 101 Episode # 8 video- Montauk Night plugs

  1. jimmy z

    I agree with him. While I don’t fish Montauk, I have found that I too have had the need to make my own plugs to fish a certain spot. It’s funny how we all have our own choices that work. Good video as always Z


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