Blues and more blues

Thursday I made a first cast in the Month of May. It wasn’t much of a cast, with seven foot St Croix Legend rod and Penn Clash 4500 you can only cast a half an ounce bucktail so far, but its a start. I wasn’t expecting this after losing almost two seasons to elbow tendinitis but I guess its a price of getting old. Spent more time vertically this month than standing up. My back went out, I severely strained my hamstring and yeah, I even started a physical therapy for my knee. The elbow? The elbow is so inflamed that I cannot even fathom setting a hook on a fish. This time its not tendinitis but instead its on the inside of the elbow, golfer’s elbow they call it. Dr. said lets fix your knee and well work on your elbow in the summer.


But you know what happened ,right? That pesky thing called Murphy’s Law reared its ugly head but honestly I cant say that I was too upset. I’ve seem some jumbo and I mean JUMBO blues this spring, mostly by playing internet fisherman and browsing FB. But getting nailed by 18 pound chopper on a first cast and having to fight it with a 7 foot rod…lets just it kicked my ass (and elbow)20140507_190218

It got me thinking as I would bring the gorilla to the rocks, only to see it peel off 50 yards and start the process of pumping and reeling the fish in. This went on few times but each run was less and less convincing and probably powerful too. Why do some people refer to “cranking” power of a reel? I never felt that cranking was something we do in surfcasting at all? After all , if you are cranking , what’s the rod doing? My opinion has always been that we should let rod fight (and tire) the fish along with a drag. With drag being complimentary benefit, not really designed to tire the fish but more to relieve the stress on a line by a sudden pull of a fish. Keeping a good bend in the rod is what stresses and subdues the fish. But hey, weird stuff goes through you head when you are not fishing for awhile. And yes, that fishing kicked my ass so bad my elbow was burning mad all day friday (could not really explain that to the boss in terms he would care)

From what I read, many of you are having an absolutely awesome spring, especially the NJ contingent. Hopefully it will shared by everyone coast wide.

I meet with SJ Rod Guru Lou Caruso this morning while the rest of you were in church or fishing and we shot some videos..haha

stay tuned for thatgeeks green

Enough typing, back to icing something,,,what I have not decided yet,…go get them

7 comments on “Blues and more blues

  1. Tim Ahn

    strained both my groin and hamstring chasing down a fly ball in softball.. proper stretching is a must…

  2. Richard Taft

    It sucks getting old but it beats the alternative. Just think how much time you have to shoot video now. Get well soon. Even the fishing up in Boston has been great this spring.

  3. Dennis M.

    I had tennis elbow for 10 months but kept waiting for it to heal on its own. Fishing was a literal labor of love. When i finally saw the Doc, He told me i shouldn’t have waited so long. Gave me a cortisone shot in the elbow and i was pain-free in ~ 3 weeks. Get the shot Z.

    1. zhromin Post author

      i got two shots when I had tennis elbow..and 3 x 3 months of PT…Nothing helped and DR refused to give me another shot. Eventually it went away on its own
      this golfers elbow pain i have now is a totally different issue. Tennis elbow is mildly annoying, this is excruciating painful


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