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Back from Surf Day in New Jersey. Wow, what a great show, from helping the vendors set up to making sure everything runs smoothly, someone has an impressive organizational skills ! It was great to see many of our supporters including The Surfcaster, Fisherman’s Headquarters, ZeeBaaS, Super Strike, Rock Hopper, AOK Tackle, Dave Anderson with Surf Asylum, all our readers, Bill Wetzel, John Skinner, DJ Muller, Big Rock, Dennis Zambrotta, Peter from Saltwater Edge and I am sure many more that are not registering in my head right now. That was neat. We wish we could have caught some seminars but we were chained to our table. Thanks to more than hundred of you who signed up or renewed your SJ subscription, we appreciate it and are looking forward to some good picture in your new SJ gear. Everyone who subscribed at the show, including the next week Berkley Flea Market and RISAA gets a free t-shirt Tommy just made. If you are already subscriber, you add another year to your subscription and we give you a $20 t-shirt. Or you buy a t-shirt and get your subscription for free. Whatever you can get passed your wife supplies last. We ran out of shirts but will try to reorder this week.

To all the new subscribers…You have to go to MAGAZINE tab on the top right hand side, click on LOG IN and enter all the info you received from the magazine (username and password) remember that you have to be logged in to read new issue and all the past 16 issues

Second thing..Berkley show coming up this Sunday in NJ organized by Berkeley Fishing Club. Here is the link.

This is your chance to drop some mad money on custom plugs by makers who only make small batches for this show and Asbury. Again, stop by our table, sign up or renew and get a free shirt. It’s just our way of saying thank you to all our readers.

Third thing is another thanks, to all the advertisers on this blog that keep the lights on and allow us to do what we do, follow our passion. People sometimes wonder why would we switch to subscription but when I explain to them that I spend 10k just on camera equipment out of my own pocket last year they get it. I visited BU school of communication with my son this week and seen what my video editing equipment SHOULD look like..haha..not anytime soon. But our advertisers on the blog help us in great way defray the cost of all the stuff we like to have to make SJ better.

I would like to welcome ZeeBaaS Reels at It’s the reel that I use and loving every minute of it. There are other great reels out there and I tried them all. The second supporter to join SJ Blog this year ย is Cow Harbor Bait and Tackle at . Mark who owns the store is not only a former construction worker like myself who realized his dream of opening a tackle store but he is also a friend, fellow club member and a blog subscriber from a first day we started this. He shop has a great line up of seminars every weekend. Check it out.

And last but never least, The Surfcaster’s new 2013 catalog is out but now for the first time you can read it on line in a beautiful layout that SJ have used in the past

[issuu showflipbtn=true documentid=130221035046-9de3f95a28f24bcfba88dce5bd0c2130 docname=surfcaster2013_catalog_web username=thesurfcaster loadinginfotext=The%20Surfcaster%202013%20Catalog showhtmllink=true tag=catalog width=420 height=272 unit=px]

14 comments on “Surf Day thanks

  1. Bill H

    Great day for sure. Every time I passed by your table you were involved so I didn’t get a chance to say Hi. The seminars were great as usual, JSS and the speakers do a great job. Appreciate all you guys at SJ do, good luck in the future.

  2. Michael Gallego

    It was pleasure meeting and talking with the both of you yesterday. I appreciate all that Surfcasters Journal does for the fishing community. I love the new hat and hope that you come out with one in Black. Sweet! thanks

  3. TedC

    My first surf day– wont be my last!! Really really cool to meet you Zeno and Tommy!! meeting SJ crew was one of the highlights of my day. Meeting John Skinner up there as well! Love the new tee!

  4. fishlava2mtk

    Had a great time taking to you guys yesterday. Too bad that had didnt fit my noodle it was sweet! Keep up the great work.

  5. ChuckD

    Great day for sure. Even though Kat and i had to cut it short, as always it was great to see you guys. Unfortunately for us and fortunate for others, when the 2 of us are together at a fishing show we did some damage. See you soon and thanks again for all you guys are doing

  6. jerrryboy

    Hey thanks SJ , and to all you guys out there,Cow Harbor Bait and Tackle , is thje best bar none , i have become friends with Mark the owner , you will never meet a nicer guy who will give you nothing but great advice , and hang around a little and some of the best surf caster in history stop in just to have coffee and hang out!

  7. Dave Whitney

    Awesome show, had a great time! Could not get near your table to say hi. Dennis and Bill’s seminars were great. I somehow left without buying a thing!

  8. CTMatt

    I wish I had the time and means to go to all of these but JSS/Rivers End are the two I cant wait to attend year after year. Shaking hands and seeing in the flesh the best of the best is truly humbling. So many great vendors and JSS staff just trying to help and make the day enjoyable. Really flies by. New show setup was a step up from last year and really used the venue to its maximum eficiency by removing some food tables for vendors. Definitely a great formula.

    Glad to hear there were several new/renewed subscribers stopping by the booth!

    Part of me wishes the main speakers in particular could have more time. Poor Wetzel could have probably gone for a few hours just based on the amount of information you could tell he just couldn’t get to. Was nice to at least be able to visit them at their tables if you needed additional info. Dave and Dennis did exceptionally well and were very informative. It is reassuring when things you do correctly, resound in the lectures you hear at these shows. If there is one thing I learned by listening to Dave for a few years he really seems to have a grasp on bait, how they act, how to mimick them and how to use choke offs and funnels to your advantage. Water temps, why it brings in bait, etc.

    Great stuff top to bottom. If the weather would only cooperate these last few years they could do some quick rod demos and outside stuff to free up space indoors.


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