Anyone ever pulled their back out by sneezing? Holy shit! I lost a half of week of work and pay last week after I sneezed and afterwards was not able to even get my socks on. I though it would get better in few days but tomorrow will be day seven and still I only have a limited range of motion. Respect the sneeze….haha

This week is the Annual Berkley Flea Market were dudes who have been saving their money in the sock draw so Da Wife does not find it, are going to go a little nutty shopping. It’s like a Back Sunday for the surfcasters, having a chance to buy plugs from guys like Big Rock, Choopy, RM Smith, Guppy, Cyclone and many others who only made plugs for Berkley and Asbury shows and then they are done for the year. It used to be pure madness but the crowds have abated somewhat when it comes to plug hoarding. Both shows are still we attended and it looks like the weather is taking a turn for better. Should be a lot of fun


Tommy and I will be there, and like we told you yesterday, swing by the table, start or renew subscription to SJ and get a new t-shirt Tommy just designed. Speaking of new SJ subscribers and there are many after the Surf Day…

All of the new subscribers, that registered on Saturday received the username and password to the email address you provided to us at the show. Please remember that you have to be logged in to view new issue and exclusive videos and have access to archived issues. If you are not familiar how does it work, got to MAGAZINE tab on the top of this page on right hand side, then click on LOG IN  and enter your username and password. If you misplaced your password, just use password retrieval tool. Plug in your email address you gave us on Saturday and it will automatically send you new password.

If you have ANY issues please feel free to contact me directly at And DO check your spam folder. Some of our readers found their info there

Also, I am not sure two fellows gave us correctly information, meaning correct email address. I did set up the accounts for them but they have not accessed them yet so I am thinking there might be a problem. If you know either Frank Heater or Al Maahs have them contact me via email at

Speaking of the plug…and plug ho’s

Plug builders are a funky bunch, or at least the ones I know. He might be the most charming fellow in the world who would chew your ear on how the plug is suppose to swim but turn the conversation to sealing or drilling or making tail loops and suddenly is like they are back at Guantanamo Bay being waterboarded. Which I find hilarious..I know many of you like to thinker with stuff, some even like to build the plugs to fish. Luckily Ron DiCostanzo from Lordship Lures (and now ZeeBaaS master) is sharing all his secrets in series of videos for the subscribers of the Surfcaster’s Journal Magazine in 2013. In this issue we had how to offset drill trough the lure and in this upcoming issue in March we will take a look at sealing your wood lure


7 comments on “Plugs!

  1. Bob

    I know exactly where your coming from with your back . I have had two back operations after numerous episodes like you describe.
    I can recommend two things 1 stretch before you get out of bed 2 lanicane patches will have you up and around in half the time


  2. CTMatt

    A few times a year I get the random “I woke up with a super stiff neck” routine which knocks me out a few days. Getting dressed, breathing and moving become challenging.

  3. TedC

    Not a sneeze, but two years ago i thought i broke a rib coughing with the flu! After a day of nearly being unable to breathe i went to get checked… Wasn’t broken, it was dislocated, or torn cartilage or something like that. It sucked something fierce.

    I dont tinker with plugs yet, but find it very interesting… Looking forward to the videos!


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