we are in the midst of a fall run..would you like to win one of these prizes ?


  1. St Croix Legend Surf rod of your choice
  2. Commando Custom Surf bag
  3. Penn Battle Spinning reel of your choice
  4. WileyX Polarized glasses
  5. Hansom Tackle Saltwater Pliers
  6. Set of Super Strike Lures
  7. Set of Choopy Lures
  8. Set of Guides Choice Lures
  9. Set of Line Stretcher Lures
  10. Complete Set of Lure Tubes System


This is just a reminder to send us the pictures of those big girls you release and enter them into STRIPERTHON 2011

Here are some entries from this year


A quick note..the vintage Montauk shirts should be shipped tonight  to those who ordered them . We have something like 5 or 6 leftover that we overordered by mistake.

Anyones wants one, inquire at about sizes. Like i said, half a dozen of assorted sizes

14 comments on “STRIPERTHON 2011

  1. Dick McClary

    Is there anyone out there that has personal experience of fishing for both the sea bass we get around UK shores and the striped sea bass you guys get on the other side of the Atlantic?
    I’ve caught plenty of our UK sea bass, but have never had the chance to try for your stripers.
    What are the differences and similarities in the fishing techniques?
    Is there anything we can learn from each other?

  2. Greg Tucceri

    Your defending champ and partner will be sending some in any day now got into some of those big girls yesterday morning. Let the fall run begin!!!!

  3. Steve K

    The last pic looks like a real pig!.

    The guy above (Greg) lost one about that size the other night – too bad cuz we would have had some great pics. ;P

  4. sioca

    Google – lesions on striped bass- There are a number of articles that will provide you with the info.
    Good fishing!

  5. Ron Mattson

    Lesions on Striped Bass are not good for the Bass or you. Last year in Maryland..Baltimore area..there were 5 documented cases of severe bacterial infections associated with those ‘lesions’. Only my boga or net touch Striped Bass now. When fishing from a boat the Bass are never brought aboard.

  6. Andre Schwartz

    I’m very familiar with mycobacteriosis, specifically It’s abundance in Chesapeake Bay but it has been a rare occurrence in our waters. In these photos every fish seems to have external lesions. Which is an advanced form of the infection. I think its time to be concerned.

  7. Ron Mattson

    Mycobacteriosis is abundant in Chesapeake Bay striped bass,75%+ say The Virginia Institute of Marine Science. In 2010 VIMS released a study showing microbacteriosis is lethal to striped bass. Since a large proportion of the Chesapeake Bay Striped Bass population migrate along the Northern Atlantic Coast it is not a stretch to think they have the bacteria with them. I have seen it in striped bass caught in Montauk waters and believe most would not have a clue what the lesions are. The bacteria is well known in the Chesapeake Bay Region and still fishermen handle infected striped bass and eat them. We should have been concerned a decade or more ago regarding micobacteriosis and other bacteria that are harmful to fish and man.


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