I would like to express gratitude to all of you who came under some very challenging conditions to the Striper Day IV at Ward Melville HS on Sunday. What at one point looked like surefire cancelation of a show, ended up turning into a very enjoyable day, although very wet in the morning. Show went  without a major hitch and this is all due to efforts of the members of SJ Show Staff AND Ward Melville HS Fishing Club and faculty.

Raffle raised almost 8K which will go towards scholarships for some students that normally would not be a recipients of such awards. In my opinion, now that i got a better fell for the club and its members, I think this is a remarkable organization. And yes, just like any iconic brand or company it is being led by a charismatic and caring teacher, Mr Bob Wilson. My hat is off to him and his staff and all the members on a great organization.

We were extremely happy that those who wanted early place on line did not enter the school property till 5 AM as we pleaded with them. I have heard today (actually for the first time) that they had some type of an honorary “list” amongst themselves where they put names in order in which they come. And then honor this  “list” when access is granted at 5AM. This is definitely something that is a news to me. Not sure how I feel about it.

We had more vendors at Ward Melville than we ever had before and yet we had these beautiful wide isles where you could shop and chat with pleasure. Ward gym is about 15 000 square feet compared to 6000 square feet at Hofstra so we got room and we used all of it. The plug builder lines were kept in middle of the isles not to interfere with other vendors. There was a good mix or vendors from clothing co to plug builders galore to tackle shops, multiple rod co and other retailers specializing in surf fishing. We’ve turned away a lot of interested vendors, although we could have accommodated them with space, they just did not have the right mix of product for a Striper Day type of show.

There are definite things we have to improve on if we are invited back next year. Smoking was a bigger issue than I’ve ever thought it would be. We have to do a better job of educating our visitors and vendors that there is ZERO smoking on school grounds EVER. That was a little disappointing. We also need some better signage for seminars including a bigger easel with seminar schedule.Handing out seminar schedule fliers did help a great deal.

Many of our vendors that canceled at last minute , mainly from NJ and MA did not do it due to the snow but because of potentially  devastating ice conditions in the afternoon. Instead of canceling the show during the week, decision was made to cut hours from 3 30 to 2 30 in order to get vendors on the road in the daylight. Obviously we got lucky with downright balmy conditions on Long Island but we did not know that when we made a decision. As it was, we had one vendor with car issue that could not make the show at all, but fortunately he was not hurt. Speaking of the show times (my biggest pet peeve) …EVERY single show we attend, and we attend them all, is absolutely dead after 2 PM. Event flea market type events can be dead often at noon. Last year we had our shark headline speaker at Hofstra that we flew in from Florida speak to SEVEN people in the auditorium that holds 500 at 4PM . It was stupid and embarrassing. My point is , I don’t know anyone who wants to be at the show after 3 PM, vendor or attendee so in my opinion, the shows (any show) should never go past 3 PM. Just my opinion, but something we should take into account next year


Two guys that signed up for SJ subscription  at Striper Day we cant reach because the email they gave us at the show bounced. If you know either one please have them contact us at

Max Scaduto

Frank Meyer

if you know them. help us get in touch

Again, from SJ crew and staff and membership of Ward Melville HS club and faculty BIG THANK YOU


Thank you to all that contributed to Striper Day IV.  The Surfcasters Journal Crew did an awesome job putting on the show.  Thanks to the vendors that make shows the draw that they are and a special thanks goes out to the vendors that donated to the raffle.

The raffle at this show will directly benefit graduating seniors of the Ward Melville High School Fishing Club and the general population at Ward Melville.

Thank You.  Thank you for your generosity.  Thank you for supporting the kids.

Below is a listing of raffles and the winners.  As of 1/21, all winners have been notified.  If there are any questions, please email the club or you can also contact us via Instagram @patriotsfishing.

Names appear as they were written on tickets.

                RAFFLE ITEM                                                          WINNER

    1. Van Staal VSX 150                                              J Corcoran
    2. Van Staal 7” Pliers                                             Peter Garcia
    3. Shimano Ultegra 1400XTC                               p/u at show
    4. Tsunami 6000 Shield                                        Matt Mecca
    5. Tsunami 5000 Shiled                                       Tim Sowden
    6. ODM 9’ DNA                                                      Michael Prussen
    7. ODM 10’ Genesis                                              Jeremy Simonetti
    8. Big Fischer Plug                                                    TV
    9. ODM 10’6” Frontier X Rod                           AJ Mata
    10. The Surfcaster Boga and gear                         Rob K
    11. St Croix Mojo 10’6”                                        Chris LoNigro
    12. St Croix Mojo 11’                                              Donovan
    13. Surfcasters Journal Skate Deck                     B renden F
    14. Korker Boots Voucher                                Jeff Hermanski
    15. Outback Steakhouse $100 GC                    Melissa Owen & Rob Mullins
    16. Nicole’s Custom Bucktails                                      DUGO
    17. White Water Outfitters Custom Rod               Andrew Biscardi
    18. S&S Bucktail Package                                            Ron Hamski
    19. Noreaster USA Gear                                                  Jamaal
    20. Patriots Fishing Apparel                                   Thomas Pfersahind
    21. Flip Rocks Flip Flops                                         Ray Crimmins
    22. North Bar Plug Assortment                                 Michael Harold
    23. LIBBA Apparel                                                               Normoyle
    24. Guppy Lure Package                                           Willie Jones
    25. Pelican 50QT Cooler                                           R McCullough
    26. Carelton Apparrel                                                 Chris Amato
    27. Misc Plug Package                                               James Fitzpatrick
    28. Misc Gear Package                                           David Tanzey
    29. J Jaget Danny                                                         V Salamone
    30. Lamiglas GSB 11 MS                                               Phil Moraci
    31. Lamiglas GSB 11LS                                                Anthony Kellar

2 comments on “STRIPER DAY IV

  1. TrdC

    Agree with you on the long days– the shows I attend open very early and have very long lines to get in… no one wants to miss out on items that sell out! I don’t like crowds, but deal with it— if I thought I wouldn’t miss anything (giveaway, early raffles, etc) I’d opt to show up later in the day. Regardless, I do like the opportunities to talk with other fishermen and often that’s the reason I stay later in the day.


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