Lenny Gimmelfarb 43 inches
Frank Goncalves 41 inch
Tyler Corsello 40 inch
christopher santos 39 inch
Kevin Judd 38 inch
Stephen Gallant 38 inches
Frank Murphy 37 inches
Steve George 36 inch
Editor’s note
We wont be around this afternoon to update the board so don’t assume results are final. We anticipate having final standings announced by 7 PM
Happy Father’s Day to all


This is your SPRING STRIPERTHON 2014 tag. It must be included in any fish submission



I want to spend few moments today on the this weekend’s SPRING  STRIPERTHON 2014, starting at 5 PM today.

I hope you enjoy a little friendly competition. The rules , they really are simple. so let’s go over some of them.

Use your measuring tape. I would suggest the bigger numbers are better. Do not put the tape on top of the fish. We will disqualify your entry immediately. Lay it alongside of fish.

Please do not keep fish out of the water for too long. And if you are alone, self shot of you and the fish is fine. Best yet, fish with a buddy

Do not send any entries without SJ TAG being clearly visible in the picture. If we have to blow up picture in Photoshop to read numbers on your ruler or tag, it’s getting disqualified.

You must be a subscriber at no later than 5pm this Friday  to be eligible to compete.

This is basically the gist of it. For complete rules go here http://www.surfcastersjournal.com/surfcasters-journal-magazine-spring-striperthon-2014-this-weekend/

Please read them, we will not except any ” I was under the impression or I misunderstood ” explanations. You have a question, ask it here. Will we try to update the leader board over the weekend? Possibly but if we are away than you’ll have to wait till Sunday. We would like to fish too . Just because we try to do this so you boys can have fun that does not mean we can’t have a little fun, right?

So have fun while I lather myself with more poison ivy lotion..damn, I thought I was getting better until I woke up with hundred blisters on my legs this morning. This is a nightmare.

Anyway, catch some fish, please don’t make us regret doing this and most off all, have fun doing it. Yes, we all like a little spirit of competition but none of us got into this sport because we wanted to compete. Hell, catching a fish is a competition against yourself, fish and elements every time you cast a lure.

Best of luck to all

And thanks to all of our great sponsors for making this possible

First Prize – courtesy of Van Staal Reels

Van Staal 250 Reel vanstaal.com

Second Prize, courtesy of StormR http://stormrusa.com/

Choice of  one:

         STRYKR or Surf Top


  •   Torque Gloves     Cast Gloves        Watchcap Beanie      Neoprene Socks       Stickers/Decals     UV Shield Performance Shirt

Third prize, courtesy of CTS and RH Custom Rods http://www.rhcustomrods.com/

CB1003-1  10’ Surf & Jetty Series 2-4 oz. 1pc

Forth Prize , courtesy of Guppy Custom Lures http://www.guppylure.com/

Lure set 

Fifth prize courtesy of RockHopper http://rockhopperfishing.com/

Surf Belt a Quick Draw Pliers Holster and a Belt Clip

Sixth prize, courtesy of Super Strike Lures http://www.superstrikelures.com/

Lure Set

Seventh prize, courtesy of Hansom Tackle http://www.hansomtackle.com/

Saltwater Pliers

Eight prize

Surfcaster’s Journal Swag

In case you are wondering what is the best way to take a picture for your STRIPERTHON entry take a look at this submission by Ryan from last year striperthon

Awesome clarity making my life sooooo much easier



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  1. surehooked

    Hi guys, listen thought I’d ask, what happened to that App you were coming out with, any word on that? Thanks


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