STRIPERTHON 2014 Results

First, I want to thank all those who made Spring Striperthon 2014 a success, primarily our sponsors, Craig from Van Staal, Ryan and Nick from StormR, Rich from RH Custom rods, crew from Guppy lures, Hansom Tackle, Barry from RockHopper Fishing and of course, the immortal Musso from Super Strike lures.

Second, I want to wish all dads out there a Happy Father’s Day. I don’t think there is more awesome (and at same time enjoyable) responsibility than being a dad. I look around at my wife and kids and say to myself , I don’t need anything more in life.

But I like catching fish. And the way we are going, there will be less and less fish around unless someone does something drastic. I am sick and tired of hearing wait till “next’ moon, being told the winter was cold, the season is late, the fish are offshore. I watched about half a dozen of best fisherman I know struggle to get a bump locally. Not one of them placed in the tourney. Its 6 days from beginning of summer folks, please stop telling me that everything is running “late”!!! So yes, I am glad to be able to do this tournament for our readers, with help from our sponsors to show people you don’t need to kill a big breeder so you can get your name in lights. I only wish other would follow our lead and stop this continual killing in the name of competition. Thankfully we also had some nice fish entered into the STRIPERTHON this year by our readers who no doubt fished their asses off.

First Prize – courtesy of Van Staal Reels

Lenny Gimmelfarb 43 inches

Van Staal 250 Reel

photo 2

Second Prize, courtesy of StormR

Choice of  one:

         STRYKR or Surf Top


  Torque Gloves     Cast Gloves        Watchcap Beanie      Neoprene Socks       Stickers/Decals     UV Shield Performance Shirt

Frank Goncalves 41 inch  


Third prize, courtesy of CTS and RH Custom Rods

CB1003-1  10’ Surf & Jetty Series 2-4 oz. 1pc

Tyler Corsello 40 inch  



Fourth Prize , courtesy of Guppy Custom Lures

Lure set 

Christopher Santos 39 inch  



Fifth prize courtesy of RockHopper

Surf Belt a Quick Draw Pliers Holster and a Belt Clip

Kevin Judd 38 inch  



Sixth prize, courtesy of Super Strike Lures

Lure Set

Stephen Gallant 38 inches  



Seventh prize, courtesy of Hansom Tackle

Saltwater Pliers

Frank Murphy 37 inches  



Eight prize

Surfcaster’s Journal Swag

 Steve George 36 inch  



All winners please contact us with your shipping address and we will pass the info to our sponsors who will send you your prizes. Congrats to all

Again, my sincerest thanks to all sponsors and participants for a stress free STRIPERTHON

12 comments on “STRIPERTHON 2014 Results

  1. Lenny Gimmelfarb

    WOOOO!!!! Thanks so much for the opportunity guys and thanks for running such a killer competition! Feel very fortunate to win and couldn’t be happier right now!!! Tight lines and here’s to a great 2014 season!!


  2. Matt H

    Congrats to the winners… Well deserved, especially with slim pickings. Thanks to SJ and all there sponsors as well – Great tournament as always!

  3. Eric Wyman

    Thanks for being the best fishing resource out there guys! I had a great time getting out and fishing this weekend!

    Happy day Dads!

  4. Greg O

    Thank you for a great tourney !!! And for shedding some light on the decline of the striped bass we so cherish !!!

  5. birdshark

    Congrats to the winners. Well done guys. And thanks to SJ and the sponsors for running another great catch and release contest.

  6. Gregg

    Congrats to the winners and anyone who was able to catch fish and release them for the future. Being at the beach is always better than cutting grass, but catching something would have been nice.
    How about letting us know where the fish were caught?

  7. Frank

    Thanks to SJC for putting this on along with everything else they do for surfcasting and fishing in general. Congrats to all the other winners. I had a blast grinding it out for two straight nights.


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