Smile for the camera

Well, no one guessed what my second favorite picture was so I will save that for another giveaway….and the dude who won the Super Strike Killer Bee Darter never sent in his address…you know the rules, we don’t contact you, you have 5 days to send us your address.

Well it’s been a week so we are going to do a another Killer Bee giveaway. I will remain sanguine about prospect of someone else winning and claiming the prize. Sanguine (confident or optimistic) is a word of the day little thingy I am staring at as I am typing this. Sorry, I promised Da Wife I will actually put it in use…once. Now I am done 🙂

Below you will find a picture of embroider Surfcaster’s Journal Hat. No ,these were never offered for sale, Tommy made only few, one which is on my head and this one I will give you a chance to win.

In honor of upcoming season, sleep deprivation and hands that stink of eel,clam or bunker juice, I will send this hat to the first blog subscriber that sends me a picture of a striper over 15 pound that he released this spring. No rules, just have fun

I am on my way to River’s End, some of you are too and many of you are hitting the beach. Remember to bring your cameras

8 comments on “Smile for the camera

  1. big biscuit

    Nice meeting you today Z. Keep up the good work. I picked up a few tidbits from your presentation and by talking with the Mussos. You guys were a wealth of knowledge.

  2. Wes Wyatt

    Zeno, very good show today at Rivers End Tackle Thank you for sharing your insight on big bass tactics.

  3. CTMatt

    Great time! Next time I’ll have to chat more, just super busy and then you were whisked off to the seminar lol


    hey zeno i knew i should have taken a pic of that 16.5lbs i let go with an american littoral tag in it on the 29th my wife said dum dum

  5. Steven


    Sent you a picture of a 32″ that I caught on 3/15. Didn’t weight her……..but was in the 15lb range. Caught on a redfin.

    My first fish and keeper of 2011. Released her with a Berkeley Striper Club tag.

    Love the hat and the blog !!!



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