Hook em up

How  anal are you about sharpening your hooks?

I’ve seen it to both extremes, guys who fish with dull hooks that look like they should be in King Tut exhibit, encrusted in rust.

I seen guys sharpening their bucktail after every cast under the lighthouse. Often times I will replace the hooks instead of sharpening them if I don’t like the way they look. There was a time when I carried ton of plugs in the back of my truck, thinking I need the latest and greatest wood to catch a fish. It was a pain in the butt to keep them all sharp and in the rotation.

Today, things have changed. Actually a lot of things have changed and one of these days i will have to write a mea culpa ……………I carry a dozen or so plugs and I find it easier to keep up with keeping the hooks sharp. I do know my limitation however…I will never be as good and meticulous as this dude..

that why he is a sharpie and I am a guy with a camera


9 comments on “Hook em up

  1. Rob G

    I picked up a hook file the day after this seminar. A dull hook will not be an excuse this year for me not catching.

  2. Backlash

    Great point! ~pun intended~ But seriously, sharp hooks will catch you more fish, period. All to often an overlooked or taken for granted mistake. Being a prepared caster by inspecting, changing, and sharpening hooks might be the difference between landing that fish of a lifetime or kicking oneself in the behind for a lifetime.

  3. CTMatt

    I can’t fish thinking about “what if” that was a 45lber or something like that. I would never fish again knowing I could have hit the jackpot on a fish that bumped and ran. I can’t say i check often but if i am making a big trip i will go over everything but several times a night…i am not sure if that is 100% necesary.

  4. Don Brown

    I dont always sharpen my hooks after every use .But i do carry a sharpening stone and extra sets of differant size hooks just in case.You know i have to tell ya this. That this is the first video that ive seen totaly on sharpening your hooks.Very good.Some times many of us forget the importance of this important detail.Thanks surfcasters journal.

  5. Matt

    Dull hook swap the buck tail plenty of time to sharpen things up home. Plenty of plugs in the bag that won’t be the plug of the day to swap hooks off of.

  6. Matt

    Ohh just to add a cordless 2 speed Dremel using a fine stone or sanding wheel takes the work right out of the task.


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