Slim pickings but starting week off right…with a giveaway

I spent few days in Florida and every time I come back I say two things to myself. First, I want to spend part of my retirement here. I swear they are fish in every puddle of water here, salt or fresh. Two, why can we put such an emphasis on importance of healthy fishing stocks?

Yes, I understand that the economy of the state of Florida is very depended on health of the fisheries to being in tourism revenue. Probably more  than any of our northern states. But still…

I loved hearing fishing guides saying although snook fisheries have rebounded from last year epic die-off due to cold temperatures they want the fisheries shut down, period. No targeting, no catch and release, zero. Which is draconian considering the day before hearing this I was catching ( and seeing) snook all over the place.

I am not suggesting we do same to our stocks, not at all. I don’t think that is warranted other than in the case of weakfish. I just love the mindset, let’s do what is best for species first, and worry about end user latter. I kind a like the whole vibe I get in FL when it comes to fishing 

The gated communities and manicured hedges are little hard to get used to it. But the payoff is worth it. I swear all you need is a float and a handful of shrimp and it’s almost impossible to get skunked.

But vacationing is not “real world”. It’s almost like paradise, no worries, breakfast waiting whenever you are ready. No dishes or grocery shopping, no bills to stress over. Just fish, tan and eat….

Which bring me to fishing locally…most of us work our butts off during the day and then we take care of stuff at home. Only then, when most of the world has gone to sleep do we sneak out for few hours of fishing….before going to work in the morning. Very different then vacation, huh? 🙂

I would love to tell you that is early, I would love to tell you that water temperatures are low, I would love to tell you that winds are too high or weeds are too thick. Yes, there are pockets of life that most of us can only dream about catching our chips in. Like the insane bunker blitzes that happened in NJ last week. I am not there so I can’t tell you with certainly but it seems to me even those are not as robust as they were few years ago.

I can only tell you about places I fish. And those spots are bare. Even spots that I consider “automatic”, places were ”Bob the bass” lives, the same teen fish I seem to catch every trip, even those are bare. Bob has left the building…probably fell to a clam and got cooked last week.

I don’t know what June will bring with regards to stripers. It is the month many of us do not wanted to end as fishing kicks in the high gear. I just hope it doesn’t resemble May too much. I have never seen less stripers in the places I fish. I do have to preface this by saying that since they dredged Jones Inlet the fishing has steadily went to shits.

I guess the time will tell. The backside of this new moon in few days will be a big tell. Cross our fingers and hope for the best…in the mean time, I am staring at the big mount of striper on my wall…just to remember what they look like.

For those that made trough the whole post, we have a treat for you today

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170 comments on “Slim pickings but starting week off right…with a giveaway

  1. bdubbs

    I’m in. My numbers are way down too for this year z. It’s not just your area ….I think bob the fish and a lot of his friends never made it back from their winter vacation

  2. Finatic

    I’m In.Thanks!! I have been trying to tell my wife for the past 10 years that vacation is not real life. She just don’t get it. But I guess that’s OK as long as I can still get my two weeks in Marathon every spring, to just fish and tan.

  3. Rich M

    I am in ,I getting pretty frustrated,at least its excersise last nite I saw no life except hrmits

  4. Dave W.

    I’m in, Thanks!
    This past May was the worst I’ve had since I started surf casting. Last week saved me and put me numbers wise where I was last year which still stinks compared to several years ago.

  5. Jim M.

    I’m in and thanks! And thank you for sharing your sentiments about how lousy it’s been on the West End, its good to know I’m not the only one who’s seen the same thing. Where are the fish?

    Good luck this June!

  6. Silverfox

    Yo Z, in regard to Jones Inlet. Is it true that your giveaway is going to include golf stuff soon….LoL.

  7. woodwker99

    I’m in. loved todays post. I too long for th day I can retire to st james island to fish snook, redfish, and sea trout from the edge of my back yard.

  8. Jim M.

    I’m in – and thanks also for mentioning the lack of bass, glad to see I’m not the only one!!! I’m seeing alot less bait too, and when I do get a fish they’re spitting usually just shrimp. Good luck in June!

  9. Moses

    I’m in too guys.thank you.I haven’t been able to wet a line yet this season.I kinda felt like(quoting frank diagnault) it was being done with out me.I felt like I was missing out….I thought it was starting to pick up.I usually start By April.hope it gets Better but I’m sure the heat will make things a night game.tight lines.


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