Losing bucktials

Manny new surfcasters are petrified of using a bucktail. Unlike most other lures there is nothing to “tell” if you are doing right or wrong. The fish are your ultimate judge, they clamp down on it, you got yourself a winning retrieve.

When I started fishing Montauk , using bucktail was one of the hardest things to get used to it. After all, aren’t they going to get snagged on rocks and kelp. Am I  going to lose a ton of bucktails during each tide?

Not according to our friend and Montauk surf guide Bill Wetzel http://www.longislandsurffishing.com/

Here is another short clip from our Winter Seminar Series


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you guys done reading this cover to cover ? more quizes coming up 🙂

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9 comments on “Losing bucktials

  1. Irish

    Bills explanantion reminds me of fresh water days. I would not fish heavy weed cover for fear( and reality) of getting snagged. My friend showed me how to rip through the weed upon first getting hung up and it worked wonders. Bill always has great tips.

  2. Adam

    I Gave Henry some Andrus Bucktails & he made me some wonderful copies of the jetty caster in white, Yellow, Black & violet.
    They were alot less also, if you get snagged often.
    Contact Herny’s Bucktail’s through WEGO Fishing Bait & Tackle In Southold, NY.
    Remind him you want the mold he made for Adam
    PS Henry is a wonderful Senior citizen who lives on the North Fork.

  3. David K

    Any chance of getting the full videos available for dvd or something. For those that could not be at the seminars? Just a thought, i would pay to get it on video, im sure others would too. Great way o raise money for the website.


  4. Zeno Post author

    although the idea is valid and cool we feel uncomfortable making videos for sale that feature our guests. I am sorry but this is their content. We just asked them if it would be ok to use short clips on our blog

  5. CTmatt

    Still think losing an army of bucktails is inevitable…guess it depends on the structure you are fishing but if the average Joe doensn’t lose bucktails they aint fishing them enough.

  6. David

    Zeno … I understand, it was a thought. Going out with Bill in a couple weeks, so will get a lesson first hand 🙂



  7. Rich B.

    Thanks for sharing this. Bill is the best. I was glad to hear him say that losing bucktails is not necessarily part of the game. Andrus Jetty Casters are now over $5 each at Causeway!

  8. Rob G

    After hearing Bill, Doc, and Skinner this winter at the seminars I decided that it was time to learn how to fish buck tails. Instead of switching to my short list of “go-to’s” I switch or stay with a buck tail. Its a rough road with a long learning curve, but I think I am starting to get a hang/feel for it. Hopefully it pays off!


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