Save the rigged eels

This is a first, SJ blog post via Droid
no power, the town looks like a war zone on some blocks, trees still blocking the street. I guess I should have prepared better and would not have to aimlessly look for ice last night, unsuccessfully .
I hope most of you have came out of this ok, as always, as long as no one got hurt, everything else can be replaced.
So after I get home from work , I will be on the hunt for ice. That is if LIRR runs better then this morning.
not worried about the food or frozen squirrels, but RIGGED EELS!
Ok, that is it, my thumbs are starting to hurt 🙂

5 comments on “Save the rigged eels

  1. irish

    I dont mind losing em to fish but I dont feel like cutting my good barbed siwashs out of a good eel. And cant leave the family to fish until the lights get back and from the looks of things here I’m not getting power for about a week.

  2. mike lynch

    i put mine in my grandmas freezer she had power. i dont know what i would do without that women she is the best

  3. bunufish

    Ugh. I forget to take a few out of the car a few months ago. I chucked them in the freezer hoping I can reuse them. I did get to sling them a few times but the stench was HORRIBLE… my wife was down wind of me and yelled, “THROW THEM AWAY!!!! THEY STINK SO BAD THE FISH WON’T GO NEAR THEM!!!”

    It was pretty horrible. So I threw them away after nearly puking a few times.


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