Charlie Graves Tins Giveaway

It is time for us to announce a winner of Super Strike Preloaded Small and Medium Needlefish winner. We are sorry we only get to pick one out of 266 entries but look at it this way, whoever wins is one lucky sob.

Ok , so SJ SuPeRcOmPuTeR is on …….. spitting out one name (actually a nickname and an email address if you want to get technical) Scott Crabtree…

Scott, you have to furnish your address to so we can get this out to you


They say that pattern is a pattern until its broken.  NJ has their bunker pattern in the spring, Canal rats rejoice when the cash in on their mackerel fishing around Memorial Day. And most of the surfcasters will cash in on the sand eel pattern this fall. As much as some like to complain about lack of peanut bunker, baby weakfish or herring, we should be happy that sand eels provide us with some of the most consistent fishing of the year. Yes, long and elongated lures like needlefish will be most effective as will bucktails worked close to the bottom but you can’t beat a tin for quality and quantity. There are many good tins of the market, from Point Jude, AOK Tackle, Kastmaster, Hopkins and many other manufactures. But in my opinion, no one tin maker make as many models and makes them longer then West End Fishing Tackle, maker of Charlie Graves Lures.

Ralph Votta has been making the Charlie Graves lures for a long, long time now. If you ever get a chance, sit down at one of his seminars when he talks about how to work a tin. Or watch him fish on the South Shore of Long Island. I guarantee that you will learn a lot about how to increase your caches with these simple yet insanely productive lures. We also love the fact that there are no fancy names like “bassslayer”, “bluefishkiller” attached to these lures. Instead they are marked like D7 or J6 and trust me when I tell you, they all catch fish

Visit his website at and check out all the models that he makes and you will realize that he has not only sand eels covered but larger baits like peanut bunker and herring too. 

While I was working on Doc’s new book, Surfcaster, this spring, I went to Ralph’s house to snap some pictures. To my knowledge Doc only uses his tins and insisted of using  the picture of only them in his book. What was supposed to be a quick ten minute photo shot turned into hours long conversation about tins, the history and late Charlie Graves himself. It’s a fascinating story, and I hope someone writes it one day. Upon leaving, Ralph gave me few of his lures. But I can’t keep them all for myself so I will share some with you.

Here are three of Charlie Graves Tins we will give you a chance to win

 We will pick three lucky winners in few days ,who will each receive one of these lures. Good luck and I hope all of you get trough this storm unscathed.


173 comments on “Charlie Graves Tins Giveaway

  1. Lenny

    Ralf Votta is the real thing. If you haven’t been to one of his seminars or had the chance to speak to him then your missing out.

  2. Sam Lee

    I’m in, thanks. I wish he made them a little thinner at the loop for snaps… or with a wire to attach snaps. Otherwise I fish these the most next to the A17-A27…


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