Reel Women of Fishing

I  got  a lot  of stuff to work trough. I been away and are trying to get into swing of things. Striperthon 2011 voting and winners, ton of giveaways and video editing to keep me chained to this PC till May. For whatever reason , I discovered today that I have over 57 000 emails in my deleted folder since we started the magazine or thereabout two years ago..which comes out to something like 60 to 80 emails on an average day. No wonder I am always behind schedule…

So let’s get to it

The winner of Daiwa SP Minnow, courtesy of folks from Daiwa is

The winner of insane AOK Tackle giveaway, Courtesy of Steve from AOK Tackle is

The winner of Hansom pliers Sheath and t-shirt, courtesy of folks from  Hansom is ARISTY26@YAHOO.COM

All winners must email your shipping address to within 5 days.


This week we are coming up on the second anniversary of the Surfcaster’s Journal magazine. Our  first issue was published on 12/7/2009. We have some special stuff in mind to celebrate it, some really, really cool giveaways .

We been asked over the years to make a calendar but we never got around to exploring this idea. I know that many of you would like a fishing calendar. And many of you would like a fishing calendar with some ladies in it…and how about instead of models who never had a rod in the hands other than for calendar photo shot, how about a calendar of real fishing freaks? Women who are as passionate about fishing as you are? Think this is impossible?

Check out the new THE REEL WOMEN OF FISHING calendar by clicking on any picture below.

You can also click on this Amazon link and it will take you there.

Instead of posed shots of wannna-bees, you will find some of the world most prominent lady anglers here. Really nicely done in a large 12 x 12 format. I have one and I got to tell you, I hope they put one out every year







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7 comments on “Reel Women of Fishing

  1. Moses medina

    Congrats to everyone at Surfcastersjournal magazine for the past two years! Tommy thanks for all the hard work that it takes to put the issues together. Zeno thanks for making us laugh and keeping us entertained with your Zenoisms and rock hopping with flip flops! I received the sweet olive Rapala maxrap 15 when I got back from taking the kids to Orlando. Thanks again guys and keep up the great work and I look forward to all new issues of the best surfcasting magazine on the East coast. Have a happy and healthy holidays guys. Tight lines Moses

  2. Jeremy

    Wish my wife fished like that. Life would be a hell of a lot easier for me. Congrats to winners and thank you for all you do SJ.

  3. Ed

    Guilty as charged.

    How about for 2013, if we all made the attempt to take photos of women we see while we’re out in 2012? Then sent them to you to select the best twelve. Would that be stalking?

    Great to see you hit two. I enjoy your blogs and magazines. We all appreciate the time you guys put in. You can’t write about fishing if you don’t take the time to actually fish. Be sure to keep in practice.

    Tight lines.

  4. Steve S.

    Ed, yes, that would be stalking 🙂

    Unless of course you carried a waiver around with you at all times for them to sign 😉

  5. cynthia t

    I purchased the Reel Women of Fishing calendar for 2012 and loved it. Is there a 2013 calendar? I would love to get one. Also, are you looking for photos of “real” women fishing? I know plenty who really enjoy the sport and are active in clubs and solo. They get right in there with the “boys” and love it.


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