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Glad the show season coming to an end and fishing starts to pick up. Love see everyone but after few weekends of gulping down bad coffee and hot dogs for breakfast and lunch, it’s nice to wake up in the morning and make some homemade waffles for the family.


Go to church and then throw some Nicaraguan yellowtail snappers on grill whole, Croatian style (You think they mind being called that :-))


His and Hers


no wonder i am on treadmill every day but I am gaining weight 🙂

One show remains on the schedule and that is one of my favorites, Surf Day at River’s End in CT, . Pat from Rivers End bait and tackle is not just a great store owner but also a hell of an angler. He is also the main reason what I wrote my editorial. Go re-read it and you’ll know exactly what I was referring too.

Anyway, Pat hosts a Surf Day in his shop every year with free food, company reps and speakers. This year you will have privilege of listing to VS Super Rep Craig Cantelmo and this guy name Zino or something like that. Supposedly the dude write a book without knowing English or being able to type. How are we going to understand this guy …I wonder if he is going to have a translator on hand. Maybe a call to River’s End would not be a bad idea…

I am so glad so many of you enjoyed the seminar series. Thank you for phone calls and emails telling me that. I was worried if you were getting stuff out of it but when one of you walked up to me and told me this is the best $ I ever spent on fishing in his life, period, you made my day, week, month. Thanks to all those who attended and presented. Next year…who knows if there is interest, we might skip a year …or two, three. Thanks also to all the presenters and our supporters like Scott from Hansom Pliers, Ray from Line Stretcher Lures, Steve from Super Strike lures, Frank from Guides Choice Lures , Jeff from ST Croix Rod Co and David Rose from MAK Surfcasting. Not a single guy walked away without at least one prize and some guys really cleaned up. And a good times was had by all

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  1. CTMatt

    I am going to start rationing my time with the wifey this weekend to set time asied to make it for a few hours on the 4/2. I just can’t miss it! No excuses as it is in my state maybe 45 minutes away!


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