Ok, some of you have complained to me personally that I spend way too much time putting myself down. There is a reason for that. The one thing that petrifies me and keeps me awake at night..is for my head to swell so much it could barely fit through the door. You know what I am talking about. You’ve seen your friends catch few fish and next thing you know, they sadly  know everything. You’ve seen teenagers on line asking questions about what to buy to get started, then dispensing advice like a seasoned surfcaster. Sharpie, Hardcore (yup, still hating that word) ,Expert…you can have all of those. No disrespect to those who strive to achieve the heights in this sport, it’s great to have a drive, but this blog is not about a person, it’s about a magazine and sport we love. My biggest fear is that when I leave someone with personal agenda will take over and use this forum to promote themselves..I hope I never see that day


But since you insist I will take a bow once in awhile,,,,, so here it goes

Duck 1..first place in 2011 Fishing Category, NYS Outdoor Writers association annual photo contest.

This picture is of  Tommy from Robert Moses last year


Duck #2

First place,2011  Outdoor Scenic category NYS Outdoor Writers association annual photo contest.

I was driving to do seminar at Pat’s shop, River’s End in CT last March. As I drove on Cross Island Parkway in Queens the sun was coming up. I had to pull over and take few shots. Go figure.


And last but not least, some of you tablet junkies will be happy to know that Amazon and Barnes & Noble now have The Art of Surfcasting with Lures and The Hunt for Big Stripers available for nook, Kindles ,Ipad and so on. I figured it was about time.


And some SJ news, you IPAD/IPHONE junkies can now go to www.surfcastersjournal.com and download a pdf to view on your device. Tommy said it looks sick, I’ll take his word for it

20 comments on “Quack

  1. Jeremy

    Oh and just wanted to say thank you for the catch and click/release contest. Its a brilliant idea I hope catches on with all the derbies and I wish I had photo to submit, hope to see some of you guys photos.

  2. Jim Hill

    Z keepin it real!!!That’s what makes you so special!I know allot of people who are top’s in their fields,but keep it real!You always know the good ones cause their humility proceeds their expertise!Don’t worry about the future,keep doin it the same way and the future will be so bright you’ll have to wear shades!!!!!
    I’ve said it before you are truly an ambassador of our sport!Keep up the good work,let us praise you!Thank You!!!

  3. RoySmithJr

    Congrats on the much deserved accolades Z.

    Made my day with the IPhone & IPad news. It will be great to have SJ in an even more accessible format. I’ve been waiting on this one!

  4. woodwker99

    Now you have been told by those of your peers and those outside the fishing community, just how much we all appreciate all of your efforts. Congratulations! Honors well deserved. Keep up the good work. And where’s the next issue? I’m twitching.

  5. Lou

    Z,Love your photographs and they just get better with every issue!! Very,very nice stuff.
    Tommy, thanks for the great job getting the issues in pdf form. I downloaded all and it’s great to be able to have them available for viewing on the iPad!
    Ever think of having the option of nicely printed hard copy!!


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