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First, I want to thank the folks from Saltwater Edge and RedGil for $250 Gift Certificate contest, $50 in Red Gills and any lure from SWE stock. They will pick three numbers and we will match those numbers to donation numbers we assigned to each person., Stay tuned for the winners this weekend. If you are not familiar, here is the link to the blog post

Somebody sent me a video the other day that was made by my friend Tom Lynch of NJ. That dude has some mad video and editing skills! I don’t know, I always felt I could do stuff ok but was always lacking that artistic touch that Tom has with video or Tommy has with SJ. Wait, maybe I should change my name to Tom too?

That was too easy

Anyway here is the video of Big Rock Shovel Head metal lip swimmer. In case you don’t know who Big Rock is, he is Russell Paoline, our beach buggy columnist and maker of Big Rock lures. You can contact him to get more info about his lures. He makes small batches at the time and I belivee he is making shovelheads now.


In other news..for those you RM Smith plug hounds, Saltwater’s Tackle in Islip received their first delivery of RM Smith plugs last week. Get them while you can. Same can be said for RI Popper lures at East End Tackle and Afterhours Lures at Cow Harbor bait and tackle that incidentally is ready to service your ZeeBaaS whenever your heart desires.

Of course Paulie and Pat at River’s End will take care of all your Van Staals. With these guys now all servicing these reels locally, the first guy that sends their reel to Oklahoma or Stratford to get regular service should get 10 lashes. No Soup For You. Or maybe he should spend a night consoling Chris Humphries.


Did I call that of what ?

 Few weeks ago I said they won’t last a year….which means that i can now go back to sending her 50 emails a day asking her to be an official SJ hottie


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4 comments on “more news and Big Rock video

  1. Jeremy

    How did they shoot the footage of that swimmer, from a surf board? freakin cool video. that plug dose some wild wagging for sure…..oh and ahem yeah Kim can come to SJ now for sure Z, please keep hounding her, I know shes got my vote.


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