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You might think that fishing is easy in the blitz. As I illustrated a week ago, finicky fish can make you pull your hair out. But to be in the blitz in the first place, you need few things to go your way. First and foremost, you have to be in the right place. Then you have to be there at the right time. And hopefully, after you get these two things accomplished, you will find yourself up to your armpits in bass that want to eat your lure.


But what are you going to cast your lure with, if someone steals your rod and reel? You think I am joking, right? I wish I was.

The rash of robberies in Montauk this fall is concerning and disgusting me at the same time. To think that most of us spend money on gas, lodging, gear, take unpaid days from work to hopefully get into some good action and then to have your stuff stolen right from your truck is insane. Repulsive. Disgusting. And it’s been happening more and more. What can you do if you like to hold your rods in the cooler rack while you fish? If this doesn’t stop you will never have to be able to get further then few feet from your truck. Forget chasing fish while leaving your stuff unattended.

I am going to guess this was on the mind of a fellow who just came out with a product called ComboLock. It’s a very simple design to secure one or multiple reels to your cooler rack. As the history has showed, there are no foolproof ways of protecting your stuff as rods have been cut with bolt cutters in the past and have been locks, the truck have been broken into.

But this product could give you a little piece of mind. We haven’t done extensively testing on this but from the looks of it, it seems that will at least deter the damn thief. We still recommend that you lock your rods in your trucks if possible when sleeping in the truck, not only in Montauk but at the Canal, NJ or anywere.


We have a two ComboLocks to give away so enter here and I will pick a winner in few days



For more information visit ComboLock website at

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94 comments on “Protect your stuff

  1. Moses medina

    I’m in z, thanks for the chance. The sad part is that people work hard to buy their gear only to have some piece of crap come and steal your stuff.Instead of getting a job and buying your own stuff it’s always easier to steal someone else’s. Someone broke my window and opened my trunk and was stealing my stuff. Right across the street from my house. A neighbor saved my gear,he saw the guy trying to take my stuff out of the trunk so he opened the shades and made it obvious that he was watching and called the cops. The thief droped my stuff in the middle of the street and jumped in his car and left. I was relieved to find that my neighbor had my gear in his house. sorry for the rant.

  2. Rich S.

    It is disgusting that this activity has been on the rise. WE ALL need to become more proactive in the fight against these S+(&%@gs and keep a more vigilant watch I mean it’s not as if the lower lot is a secluded place these days.
    I am in, thanks for the chance guys.

  3. Ed

    I’m In.
    If you can’t afford to lose it, Lock it!
    This wouldn’t happen so much if we were allowed to carry guns.

  4. Jeremy

    Its well documented that most times deterring the would be thief is all that it takes to make them look elsewhere. Great idea, and we can all work together to look out for each other like Rich posted. Thanks

  5. matt

    I’m in …. Wife thinks I’m paranoid when we go to eat lunch in town after being on the beach everything gets torn down stored in truck, if I don’t have line of sight to the rod rack everything gets stored then set up again after eating .. too many theves

  6. striperguy

    Sad as it is , I have a beautiful truck that I could easily put rod racks on, but I won’t due to the effn losers out there stealing fishing gear, I just keep my rods in my truck at all times. I’m truly shocked to hear about us fellow surfcasters who work so hard to purchase 1000$ rod and reels only to get them ripped off. So anyway I’m in z, thanks for the chance!

  7. Mag-Darter

    I’m IN, thanks Z. My sympathy to anyone who has gotten their stuff stolen, it really is sad and pathetic. May the fish frown upon those that take what’s not theirs…

  8. backlash

    I’m in.

    Sad to see that fisherman have to worry about their gear these days. Wow, to think how lucky I have been in the past.


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