Photo contest, Surf fishing with bucktails and 1@32

The winner of Tsunami Photo contest, who will receive a new Tsunami Elite Airwave Rod of their choice from the fine folks at Tsunami is picture #5. Congrats not only to angler but his dad too!5

Please contact us at with your choice of rod and shipping address. Please keep in mind that folks from Tsunami are at the giant Folsom show this week in AC so give them some time.

Speaking about the winners, neither the AOK Tackle awesome lure and hat giveaway, or StormR new gloves winner came forward. So we will stash those goodies for a MEGA giveaway for the holiday season.

I am sure you guys have saw a new video by SJ columnist John (I can catch a fish in a roadside puddle) Skinner uploaded few days ago. In case you missed it, here it is.

Surf Fishing with bucktails in rough water.


In other news, according to YoDude the SJ Night Crew hoodies will be made at the end of the week or at begging of next. We will let you guys know first as inventory is (isn’t it always with us ?) limited. So stay tuned for that. Yo Dude is also making hats, wool caps and some stickers I was told..soon


There is a movement that is being spearheaded by some SJ subscribers and long time readers. They felt that although they can’t make ASMFC move any faster in coming up with new regulations, they would try to encourage responsible harvest on their own. You can visit the group at Facebook by typing in 1@32 in the search or click this link

1@32 Pledge

At the October 2013 meeting of the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission, the Board voted to accept the benchmark stock assessment which revealed that the female spawning biomass is in decline and that fishing mortality and harvest is too high. The Board moved to develop an addendum “to propose a range of commercial and recreational management measures for the coastal, Chesapeake Bay, and Albemarle/Roanoke stocks to reduce fishing mortality with a proposed implementation date of January 2015.”

To many surfcasters, the stock assessment findings are no surprise. There has been ample evidence provided in recent years about the declining striped bass spawning biomass.

While we are encouraged that the ASMFC appears to be moving to implement new measures to improve the striped bass biomass, we see no sense in waiting until 2015 to take action. The time to act is now.

The 1@32 Pledge is an interim step that we are proposing to help reduce fish mortality. While catch and release is always preferred, the pledge is simple…in situations when you do not practice catch and release, you pledge to only take one fish per day at no less than 32″. The 1@32 Pledge applies to striped bass caught from the surf or shore, on private boats, and party boats.

We are hopeful that the Pledge can help to rebuild the striped bass biomass, one angler at a time, as we wait patiently for the ASMFC to act. Please consider joining us in taking the Pledge.

We encourage you to share your Pledge with others via conversations, social media or other avenues. This grassroots movement will not only help striped bass, but will also serve as a “wake-up call” to the ASMFC that we are serious stewards of the resource. Take the 1@32 Pledge.

10 comments on “Photo contest, Surf fishing with bucktails and 1@32

  1. Richard aka Woodwker99

    Congrats to the winner. And about time we took control of policing our selves with this pledge. we need to have more C&R tournaments (Like yours) Stop this killing of the big fish.

  2. VIC D

    Congrats to # 5 , That was an AWSOME pic. 1@32…… Anyone that thinks for one instant that this is going to work MIGHT be in for a shock! IT is however a step in the right direction. The stock is so depleted that even this effort is like putting a temporary stall on the enevitable real fix! Ofcourse, nobody wants to even mention the M word ! Way tooooo much money involved to even consider a moritorium ….TODAY!!! For the benifit of the young surfcaster that just won the photo contest we all should get our heads out of our ass and really do something positive and stop letting legislators patronise all of us.Folk,….. this aint the first time we’ve been thru this. Didn’t we learn ANYTHING the last time?

  3. Jason G

    I would be happy to put a No kill on anything over 35” or for a true slot. I personally like fish in the 32-35” range for fun fight, and a fish in that range feeds my family of four diner and a lunch. And every bit of meet comes off the fish and the head. The rack gets boiled for stock that I use or gets added to the dogs food. What remains gets buried in the compost pile.

    No way am in going to say I will only take one fish. I fish most weekends between March and December and historically do well with both numbers and size, but on days that I take fish I take my two because we are having some event. For example I use about 5-8 bass that are in the 32-35” range for a chowder that feeds coaches at a holiday wrestling tournament. I probably take another 5 bass through the year to eat fresh. Late October I will take 3-4 to get me through the winter. Between those last 3-4 bass, seabass, tog, flounder, and blowfish I have enough seafood for well into the spring maybe summer. If I put a deer or two in the freezer I have plenty of red meat. I grow the majority of my vegetables but I am too lazy to can them so a ton is given away or traded.

  4. Mimo Emo

    Pledge makes good sense. ASMFC has not proven themselves to be proactive/ farsighted enough to properly manage fisheries. Under their watch, the Gulf of Maine fishery for Northern Shrimp has collapsed, in their own words. – I guess their M.O. is to wait for the stock to collapse before doing anything… not good news for Striped Bass.

    Thanks to whoever initiated this pledge. Other such initiatives would be most welcome.

  5. VIC D

    NEWS FLASH :….32inch striped bass are NORMALLY reproducing females. You might be slotting the wrong sex and diffinately the wrong size. Before you jump on the first bandwagon look back at the mistakes we’ve already made and be very careful of the smoke and meriors!!!!


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