PENN Fishing Prevail rods giveaway winners and great Gulp + bucktail= fluke video by John Skinner

It is our pleasure to announce the four winners of PENN Fishing Prevail rods giveaway, generously donated by PENN Fishing


The winners are

Mike   D

Robert Mirynowski


Mike   Taylor

You must email us asap at with your full name and shipping address. We will then forward this to PENN Fishing who will ship these rods right to your house.

In case you are wondering how we pick our winners, here is the link to our number generator that picks winning entries.

You can use it for Keno or your weekly senior citizen Bingo games 🙂

And stay tuned for another giveaway…Why? Because we love our readers.

.From where I am sitting I see more innovation and support for surfcasting community from PENN than any other major manufacturer. They are a major supporter of SOL, their upcoming reintroduction of 706z needs no explanation. The PENN Torque reel was a major winner and will probably be looked upon as a very important moment in PENN Reels history. Not only that but their new Spinfisher V and upcoming Spinfisher V bailless shows yet again their commitment to the surf fishing sport. And they have more stuff in the pipeline for next year, which I am not at liberty to discuss now. But yeah, you can’t possibly say that they do not try.


After this sport being basically ignored for years, it’s nice to see a major manufacturer shower it with attention. The cynical part of your brain might say “hey, the only reason you wrote nice thing about them is because they are a SJ sponsor” but you’d be wrong. Again. We do not have a relationship with them other that on a friendly basis. They offered our readers a chance to win these rods and we jumped on the offer with both feet.

Which brings me to something else, Saltwater Gulp baits, in particular 3 and 4 inch ddSwimming Mullet. Ok, I knew they were good and yes, I knew that they caught fluke but I did not know they were THIS GOOD. Has any of you watched  SJ columnist John Skinner’s fluke videos? Have you seen what he does to the fluke population by using noting but a bucktail and two Gulp Swimming Mullets? Mother of God, that is insane. I tried this myself this year by following his example and I have to say that I was a skeptic at first but now…..I might not buy another piece of bait for fluke fishing ever!


John Skinner has a many videos on his YouTube channel which you can view by clicking here. Most of them have tens of thousands of views and most of them that are related to fluke fishing are done with Gulp baits. Including some real cool underwater footage. If you have not read John Skinner’s book, Fishing the Bucktail,  give yourself ten lashes on your bare behind. Then go read it. Trust me, not EVERTHING is on the internet already. It will change the way you are looking at these deadly lures

Fishing the Bucktail cover

7 comments on “PENN Fishing Prevail rods giveaway winners and great Gulp + bucktail= fluke video by John Skinner

  1. bigjim

    I would like to congratulate the winners and thanks to SJ for doing great give aways as a subscriber I love your mag and all the perks and I cant wait for the new spinfisher v bailess to get here I am matching it up with a prevail and hope to use it before the end of the season and those John Skinner videos are kick ass if you don’t have any of his books then you are missing out

  2. Mike Taylor

    Woohoo! Thanks so much SJ and Penn!
    I have been meaning to subscribe, and now I really have no excuse!

  3. cr

    John’s books and videos are outstanding. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve watched his videos. I went out this week to try the shore rapid jigging, first thing I caught was a schoolie bass, lol.


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