Episode One of the Montauk Time and Tide series

Once in awhile, we will make the videos that we make exclusively for the subscribers of the Surfcaster’s Journal Magazine public . So you can see what are you missing if you are not a subscriber. And if you are, you might have glanced over the page this video appeared originally and never went back to check it out. Or if you are aged enough, you did not know that magazines can have videos embedded into them. Ok, I am kidding about that but if you are still fishing with a Harnel and a Squider, it might be time to come into the 21st century. You do know that Woolworth is closed right?

This is a full length Episode One of the Montauk Time and Tide series

That appeared originally in the March 2013 (issue #18) of the Surfcaster’s Journal Magazine.  To get immediate access to all our original videos, all articles and yes, all past issues click here.. https://www.surfcastersjournal.com/amember/signup



2 comments on “Episode One of the Montauk Time and Tide series

  1. bigjim

    I just love watching these videos and love the mag too and I do have two old Harnels one which I still fish even after twenty plus years this rod still works great

  2. Adam

    The Professor is my favorite wetsuiter!
    My High Hill Role model. Please repost Willy Young’s Interview about Jack!


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